Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers all prospective clients a free and confidential initial attorney consultation. This initial consultation provides our prospective clients an opportunity to lay the foundation for their legal representation needs without the fear of admissions or disclosure of discoverable evidence. It also provides our prospective clients an opportunity to ask our attorneys questions and receive unfettered legal advice and counsel. And it is free.
The initial free consultation is for 30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes, the time spent with the attorney will be charged to the prospective client, in the event the client hires our law firm to represent the prospective client.
Arrangements can be made to extend consultation, for a fee, without hiring the law firm to actively represent the prospective client. This is part of our Advice and Consultation service. The price is negotiable and may be based upon an hourly rate or a Flat Fee Agreement basis. If so interested, please indicate during your consultation with the law firm and arrangements can be made.