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Advice and Consultation

This is the core service of Simas & Associates, Ltd. It is with providing you with not only answers to your questions, but actually laying out our “big-picture” recommendation on moving forward in addressing your legal needs. And continuing to work with you and provide additional guidance as you pursue that recommendation.

Advice and consultation is prevalent in all of the types of representation Simas & Associates, Ltd. offers. For example, Simas & Associates, Ltd. is capable of advising you on the process and procedures you face within the hearing process of your licensing agency. Alternatively, Simas & Associates, Ltd. can work to help you identify and preemptively address potential weaknesses within your employment policies and procedures. Simas & Associates, Ltd. can also review your needs as you look to organize your business and provide you with an overall business planning strategy. Finally, Simas & Associates, Ltd. can work with individuals to assess the likelihood of success in pursuing a variety of different strategies in litigation or appeals.

Advice and consultation is often times a useful way to limit an attorney’s involvement in the representation. Thus, in cases where individuals, licensees, and businesses do not want direct representation in legal matters, yet need some guidance, Simas & Associates, Ltd. is a great option. They can then work with Simas & Associates, Ltd. in a limited, confidential, and discrete basis. Simas & Associates, Ltd. can assist in proceeding preparation, review briefs and legal documents, and provide recommendations concerning strategy or questioning at hearing.

Thus, no matter your legal predicament or your limited resources, advice and consultation from Simas & Associates, Ltd. is always an option. Let us use our years of representation experience in administrative, health care, and employment law to your advantage. Please contact us today for your free initial consultation.