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What We Do

Simas & Associates, Ltd., is a leader in California

Administrative Law
Government Law
Health Care Law
Professional License Defense
Employer Defense

While our firm has focused on these areas of practice, our diverse clientele has permitted us to gain experience in complementary areas of the law. This includes:

This expansive list of practice areas permits us to not only expand our scope of offerings for clients, but also to meet and assist new individuals, professional licensees, businesses, and associations. This process of exposure and expansion over the past decade has grown Simas & Associates, Ltd., into the successful law firm it is today, with offices in the State Capital and along the coast in Northern and Southern California.

Please visit the below areas of our website to learn more about Simas & Associates, Ltd.’s legal practice offerings. In addition, click on each offering to learn about what makes up that practice area and who we can help.

Administrative Law

The foundation for our firm’s experience and success is its administrative hearing and regulatory practice.

Government Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd. has extensive expertise in government and regulatory law. Enmeshed within are the often contradictory and confusing requirements of municipal law and property law.

Health Care Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd., represents nearly every kind of health care provider, from individual licensees to health associations and health care facilities. Find out how Simas & Associates, Ltd., can assist in credentialing, investigations, peer review, and long term care facilities, among other services.

Professional Licensing Law

Licensing agencies govern the livelihoods of many professionals. Discover how Simas & Associates, Ltd., helps in the application, rehabilitation, or disciplinary process.

Employment Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd., advises private sector employers regarding compliance with the myriad of federal and state labor and employment laws. We also represent public sector employees in complaints against local, state, and federal governments and agencies. Find out all that we can do.

Contract Law

Our firm has experience in the negotiation, drafting, amending, challenging, and defending of all types of contracts. Our in-depth experience in government regulation provides us with a useful perspective throughout the life of a contract. Learn more about Simas & Associates, Ltd.’s contract law practice.

Business Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd., helps navigate and advise businesses of every stripe and every industry. Our exposure to all levels of agency regulation and employment law provides us with practical knowledge from which to advise businesses in the state of California.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd., represents restaurants, taverns, wineries, hotels, clubs, liquor stores, and convenience stores throughout the state of California. Learn how we can help you deal with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and its regulations.

Automobile Law

As one of the most heavily regulated industries in the state of California, having an attorney with auto dealer law and automotive repair law experience is important. Furthermore, individuals seeking to obtain or retain their driver’s licenses can also be subjected to administrative hearings regarding their licenses. Learn about Simas & Associates, Ltd.’s hands-on experience in the industry and the law that governs it.

Gambling Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd., represents cardrooms throughout the State of California that are regulated by the California Gambling Control Commission and investigated by the Bureau of Gambling Control. Learn how we can help.

Public Contracts Law 

Proficient in California’s procurement laws, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has a proven track record representing industry groups and individual companies in successfully securing contracts and defending against bid protests.

Malpractice Defense Law 

Simas & Associates, Ltd., has applied our knowledge and proficient experience in defending health care and professional licensees to malpractice defense. With a knack for finding expert witnesses, the standard of care, and demonstrating the lack of a different result, Simas & Associates, Ltd., is an excellent choice to represent you in litigation or arbitration defense.

Marijuana Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd. offers its years of practical experience in administrative, government, contract, property, municipal, and employment law to assist all those on the cusp of entering or bring existing business into compliance with the burgeoning industry of medical cannabis and recreational marijuana.

State Bar Defense Law 

Simas & Associates, Ltd., brings a shining reputation and years of administrative law and professional licensing experience when defending attorneys before the State Bar of California. See if our brand of representation is right for you.