Dentists and Botox

Recently, the Dental Board of California clarified that a dentist may use botox and dermal fillers in their practice.  Specifically, a dentist may use any legally prescribed treatment and medication for patients as long as the treatment is within the scope of their practice as prescribed by law.  Under California law and the current guidelines, a dentist diagnoses and treats diseases, lesions, and corrects malpositions of the human teeth, alveolar process, gums, jaws, or associated structures.  Under Business and Professions Code section 1625, “such diagnosis or treatment may include all necessary related procedures as well as the use of drugs, anesthetic agents, and physical evaluation…” Therefore, if the treatment and medication prescribed is medically necessary and related to dentistry, then a dentist may use it.
Despite the above, if a dentist is using botox and dermal fillers for elective cosmetic reasons, then the dentist must obtain a permit and can only legally perform treatment within the scope of practice for that permit. Not all permit holders are authorized to perform all cosmetic surgery procedures within the scope of the elective facial cosmetic surgery permit.
The Dental Board’s mission is to protect the health and safety of consumers. The Board:

    • Licenses qualified dental health care professionals;
    • Takes action to enforce compliance of the Dental Practice Act and State of California laws;
    • Strives to enhance the education of consumers and licensees.

Please visit the Dental Board’s website at: for more information.