One of your employees is disputing aspects of his contract, or a customer is challenging the legality of your advertising. As a business owner, who can you ask for help, and is litigation inevitable? Get answers that will guide you to the best resolution down the shortest path. Justin D. Hein practices administrative, health care, government, and employment law—both inside and outside of the courtroom for Simas & Associates, Ltd.
Don’t let courtroom nightmares keep you awake at night. There are numerous methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, that can help you avoid litigation. ADR for your company can take many forms, such as conflict management, mediation, arbitration (binding or not), and hearing processes. Everyone knows that you need an attorney’s counsel for a trial, but the expertise provided by knowledgeable counsel independently trained to resolve conflicts can also help you—and even your current attorney—when you have a dispute with a third party.  
Mr. Hein practices administrative, employment and labor, licensing, and advertising law, and contracts and agreements. His real-world experience includes years of managing a tax law firm, before coming to Simas & Associates, Ltd. to serve as Managing Attorney. He understands the day-to-day reality of running a business. Mr. Hein currently oversees Simas & Associates, Ltd.’s Marketing, Human Resources, Client Intake, and Client Service, as well as the firm’s fee agreement, billing, and filing practices.
Justin also advises the advisors—serving as the General Counsel for the law firm, its Board of Directors and Officers, reviewing and negotiating all Simas & Associates’ contracts with third party vendors. He is also experienced in the challenges of a growing business, as he advises the law firm as it continues to grow as a business. In 2015, he led the opening of an office in the San Francisco Bay Area.
This experience translates into an ability to understand your decisions and needs as a business owner. Don’t guess at, or go blindly into, situations that could harm everything that you have worked for—have an expert advisor in your corner for support and guidance. Justin D. Hein has even represented thousands of business and individual clients before the entity to end all entities—the IRS.
California business and employment law has a reputation for being very complex. Why not let an attorney with real-world business management knowledge protect you? Simas & Associates, Ltd. serves both Southern and Northern California, with offices in Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego and San Luis Obispo.