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Skelly Hearing Services

Since 2002, Simas & Associates has been a leader in the field of offering services and expertise regarding Skelly hearings. Since the California Supreme Court decided Skelly v. State Personnel Board, (1975) 15 Cal.3d 194, public sector and civil service employees have had the right to a pre-deprivation hearing before

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Skelly Hearing –What is the Point?

On May 14, 2019, we posted an article entitled What is a Skelly Hearing? Created by the California Supreme Court in the landmark decision, Skelly v. Supreme Court, in 1975, public employees have long enjoyed the right to a “pre-deprivation” hearing before suffering discipline impacting their civil service position. This

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What is a Skelly Hearing?

A Skelly hearing derives its name from Skelly v. State Personnel Board (1975) 15 Cal. 3d 194. Dr. Skelly, a permanent civil service employee, was terminated from his employment with the State of California. The California Supreme Court determined, among other things, that he was deprived of his due process

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