50-States Project

The attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd. are licensed and actively practicing in California. Nevertheless, we sometimes have clients or inquiries present healthcare or professional license disputes from another state. Or, the client may have reciprocal issues out-of-state due to license discipline imposed in California or vice versa. Unfortunately, with no license to practice law in the other 49 states, District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, Simas & Associates, Ltd. cannot actively represent these individuals in those disputes.

This reoccurring dilemma spurred an internal investigation, research, and outreach to colleagues throughout the nation. Specifically, the "50-States Projectwas designed to help us find outstanding firms to refer our healthcare or professional clients to when they face similar or reciprocal licensing issues in states or territories outside of California. The effort resulted in a group of 1-3 attorneys or law firms from each state connecting and opening up channels of communication regarding their profession on a national scale. The resulting network helped identify common issues amongst all administrative law and healthcare law firms and attorneys, and their clients, as well as issues that were unique to regions or states.

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Interested in Becoming a Participant

Those listed were by invitation-only.

Additional attorneys and law firms interested in participating in the "50-States Project" are invited to "submit a listing" using the above option in our directory. Or to send an e-mail Simas & Associates, Ltd. (info@simasgovlaw.com). All submissions will be reviewed and responded to.

Multiple requests from one state will be considered in the order submitted. Original Participants receive priority listing over Subsequent Participants. In addition to the above listing, Participation includes optional listing by fellow Participants on their website and participation in a listserv consisting of community of administrative law, healthcare law, and professional licensing defense law firms.

Additional questions may be directed to Simas & Associates, Ltd. via email correspondence.


Simas & Associates, Ltd. is a law firm with attorneys licensed in the states of California and Wisconsin. It practices administrative law, healthcare law, and professional license defense law. Simas & Associates, Ltd. spearheaded the "50-States Project," after having difficulty finding similar, professional licensing defense-focused law firms throughout the state. Obtaining competent legal advice for healthcare licensees, such as doctors, veterinarians, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists, nurses, psychologists, and other professional licensee, such as brokers, attorneys, teachers, schools, child care, contractors, engineers, architects, wineries, breweries, bars, restraurants, card rooms, automotive repair, automotive sales, can be of great benefit to the client whose business depends upon the maintenance of their license and is licensed in multiple states. Licensing requirements vary in each state and for each profession. Legal assistance with licensing is available from attorneys and law firms for clients seeking licenses at all levels. 50-States Project Participants are here to assist with license applications and defense legal matters in the United States by connecting the potential client to a 50-States Project Participant in the state the client is interested in obtaining or maintaining a license. All 50-States Project Participants represent that they are licensed to practice law and in good standing in the respective state or states under which their respective listing appears. Simas & Associates, Ltd. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, or representations about the legal ability of the 50-State Project Participants. The listing information on attorneys and law firms doing administrative law, healthcare law, and professional license defense law is provided by the respective Participants and neither Simas & Associates, Ltd. nor the other 50-States Project Participants are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the listing. Simas & Associates, Ltd. and 50-States Project policies prohibit the listing of any attorney or law firm without the Participant's expressed written consent (electronic, facsimile, or email correspondence is acceptable and preferred). Simas & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision about whether or not the provided information is in fact listed on this page on Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s website. There may well be other attorneys in any given state who may be as well or even more experienced in this area of the law than those listed by Simas & Associates, Ltd. or the 50-States Project.