Veterinary Medicine

Why Vets Need Legal Representation

Simas & Associates, Ltd., is one of the leading licensing defense firms for veterinarians in the State of California. With offices in Northern California and Southern California, we have statewide coverage from San Diego to Eureka.

We represent every staff member level within a Veterinary Office, Pet Hospital, or Animal Clinic, including Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Registered Veterinary Technicians (R.V.T.), and veterinary assistants or unlicensed staff.

The California Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) regulates all DVMs, RVTs, and other unlicensed staff in practice of veterinary medicine in the state of California. In addition to enforcing the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act (VMP), the VMB establishes rules and regulations, and obtains opinion letters on the standards for the practice of veterinary medicine and dentistry in California.

The VMB also has the authority to investigate and audit licensees, issue fines and citations for violations, deny applications for licensure, and issue disciplinary actions known as accusations against licensees. Accusations can lead to administrative hearings wherein, if unsuccessful, the licensee could be subject to probation, suspension or even revocation. Our attorneys assist vets and techs regarding all types of VMB actions, compliance with the VMP Act, and every step of the disciplinary process.

How Our Attorneys Defend Veterinary Professionals

Because the VMB is driven by consumer and pet owner complaints, it investigates hundreds of veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians each year. When Simas & Associates, Ltd., is allowed to enter the case early enough to respond to the VMB’s initial investigative inquiry, we have been successful in a clear majority of our cases in getting the matter closed. This means no further investigation, no accusation, no administrative hearing, and no disciplinary action, other than continuing education.

As a result, we cannot over emphasize the importance of a timely and comprehensive response to a VMB inquiry or investigation. This includes:

  • Providing a thorough response to the underlying complaint or matter being investigated through use of competent Expert Witnesses to investigate the standard of care.
  • Taking proactive steps to address weaknesses in training, RVT and assistant supervision, employee duty statements or job descriptions, and employee and operation manuals.
  • Accumulating a stack of consumer testimonials and declarations regarding your practice and care.

A Long History of Representing and Counseling Veterinary Professionals

Shortly after formation in 2002, our immediate practice-focus became the representation of veterinary professionals. Since that time, we have represented hundreds of veterinarians in a variety of matters, whether it be Advice and ConsultationAdministrative HearingsCivil LitigationWrits of Mandate, and even Appeals.

In addition to VMB matters, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has represented veterinarians throughout the State in matters involving lawsuits, appeals, Employment Law, and regulatory compliance in Administrative Law. We have also assisted professionals in creating or developing their businesses as their Counsel-of-Record. Our team aggressively defends the rights of veterinarians and their practices throughout the State of California.

Current Legal Partnerships in Veterinary Medicine

Simas & Associates, Ltd., is also proud to be partnered with a number of the major insurers of veterinarians. Many times, veterinary malpractice policies include coverage for license defense, which will pay legal fees and fees for costly expert witnesses.

Furthermore, Simas & Associates, Ltd., is proud to maintain relationships with other professional veterinary medicine associations:


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