Administrative Hearings

As a leader in administrative and professional licensing law, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has extensive experience in representing clients throughout the administrative hearing process. We have represented hundreds of professional and business licensees before dozens of agencies. In addition, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has represented many individuals in municipal government hearings and licensees before insurance credentialing committees.

Preparing for an Administrative Hearing

As demonstrated by our helpful Administrative Process Overview, our attorneys understand the step-by-step nature of the process and what needs to be addressed in the actual hearing. We will work with you throughout the process to keep you informed as we move along.
Immediately upon hire, we will develop a plan with you to address the dual nature of the hearing:

  • We will work to identify the likely locations of exculpatory or mitigating evidence, expert witnesses, and the bias of the witnesses of the underlying allegations.
  • We will also work to identify what actions you will need to take to start creating useful and legitimate rehabilitatory evidence to present at the hearing. For example, we can assist in identifying useful character evidence, useful paths of therapy, continuing education, or credentialing, among others.

After compiling our plan, we will communicate it to you as your goals of representation. That will be followed up with an analysis of the potential discipline exposure and an estimate of potential costs to the hearing. Just because an administrative hearing is not in an actual court before an actual judge does not mean that its cost and impact cannot be equally devastating. Thus, it is Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s job to make sure that you know our assessment on results, strategy, and cost as soon as possible. We aim to minimize the uncertainty and put you into the position of making the most informed decision concerning our representation.
Once the representation strategy is agreed to, we will use our internal resources to put the strategy in motion. Through our experienced staff of attorneys, counsel, and paralegals, and our network of recognized experts, we believe that Simas & Associates, Ltd., can give you an advantage at your administrative hearing.

Legal Counsel After the Hearing

After the hearing, we work with you to weigh your additional options, if any. Finally, we will put together a constructive plan to ensure that the underlying problems causing the controversy are addressed to prevent any risk of license exposure from happening in the future.

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