Health Care Law

Health Care Licensing, Certification, and Registration

Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers a comprehensive array of legal services to health care providers, hospitals, and medical facilities of all types throughout the State of California. Our experienced healthcare attorneys dedicate themselves to not only advancing our clients’ business and professional objectives, but also to craft and pursue optimal resolutions to their specific challenges and problems.

Steve [Simas] walked me through every step to help us achieve a great outcome on a very difficult case. My interactions were prompt, friendly, reliable, and very calming at a very stressful time. Mr. Simas worked hard to help us manage a case that at many times made no sense. It was a great relief to have him in my corner.—Dr. Donald

If you need medical practice defense or legal support, please contact us today for a free consultation. Our healthcare attorneys specifically focus on working with providers dealing with the following health care laws and regulations:

Our law firm's clients include health care professionals throughout the State of California who are facing healthcare licensing investigations, license denials, disciplinary charges (accusations), and petitions for reinstatement. The attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd., practice before nearly every health care license agency in the State of California, including the licensing boards within the Department of Consumer Affairs such as:

  • The Medical Board of California
  • The Veterinary Medical Board
  • The Board of Registered Nursing
  • The California Board of Optometry
  • The Dental Board of California
  • The Physical Therapy Board

Due to the numerous, potential collateral consequences that must be handled appropriately to minimize harm to our clients, Simas & Associates, Ltd., provides a comprehensive approach to advising clients about the consequences of licensing discipline and its impact upon our clients’ professional careers.

Simas & Associates, Ltd., was very knowledgeable in the area of license protection and gave me reassurance that my case would be difficult but solvable, with the right mindset. They gave me confidence and the resources to fight the Physical Therapy Board of California, and provided the best defense possible.—Steve

Peer Review, Staff Privileges, and Credentialing

Health care providers in California are facing increased scrutiny in credentialing; peer review; and staff privileges, procedures, and practices. The consequence of a denied application or action against hospital privileges can be devastating to the health care provider’s career, and can trigger reports and licensing action by the appropriate health care licensing board.

In addition to the traditional 805 Report, peer review bodies report to the Medical Board of California. New legislation requires hospitals and other facilities to report peer review and other specified issues to the Medical Board on a new “805.01” report.

The attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd., represent physicians and other health care providers in all aspects of the peer review process, including responding to investigative inquiries, summary suspensions, peer review, and “judicial review committee” hearings, appeals, and even subsequent litigation for malpractice.

Because the outcome of a peer review is reportable to the state licensing boards, and an increasing number of health care professionals are reported to the National Practitioners Data Bank, we advocate early involvement of experienced legal representation in protecting the interests of our health care professional clients.

[Mr. Simas'] professionalism, expertise, and strong interpersonal skills contributed to a successful outcome. And while I wish that Mr. Simas represented me in my [initial] case against the Board of Optometry, the entire experience and the reestablishment of my confidence has been priceless.—Dr. Marc

Provider Status Compliance and Appeals

Simas & Associates, Ltd., represents all types of health care professionals in matters involving their provider status with health insurance carriers, HMOs, PPOs, Medicare, Medi-Cal, and other provider organizations.

Matters involving provider status so seriously impact the health care providers’ ability to receive payment, and any adverse outcomes are reported to licensing authorities, so Simas & Associates, Ltd., advocates early involvement of experienced legal representation to challenge any provider status action, and even to appeal the decision if necessary.

Professional Societies and Associations

CPTAOur attorneys have represented and worked with a number of professional societies and associations over the years, including the California Physical Therapy Association, the California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association, and others.

In addition to serving as legal counsel to the associations regarding their own operational issues, our clients turn to us for advice regarding scope of practice, standards of practice, reimbursement, regulatory compliance, legislative, and other matters. We also advise ethics committees and peer review groups regarding investigations, hearings and the disposition of charges against their members.

We also partner with our professional society and association clients in providing legal assistance "hot lines" for their members, draft articles for their journals and other publications, continuing education for members, and serve as expert witnesses in matters involving their industries.

Labor and Employment

Our healthcare attorneys frequently advise our health care clients regarding a broad array of employment personnel issues including but not limited to matters involving:

  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractor status
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Privacy rights
  • And other matters involving the highly regulated workplace

Our goal is to avoid the uncertainty and cost of litigation in administrative proceedings and in court. Simas & Associates, Ltd., has been successful in avoiding expensive litigation by carefully evaluating cases for our clients and with the use of training and alternative dispute resolution.

Nevertheless, when litigation is necessary, our attorneys aggressively advocate our client’s position in court and other tribunals.

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys include seasoned litigators who can effectively and expertly handle all litigation challenges that might confront our health care clients, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Benefit claims
  • Provider disputes
  • Medical staff appeals
  • Peer review disputes
  • Medicare and Medi-Cal payment appeals
  • Professional licensing issues
  • Other employment-related matters


Please contact us for your free and confidential initial consultation to protect your rights, your license, and your profession—not to mention helping it grow. Simas & Associates, Ltd., is a knowledgeable and affordable option. Contact us today to get started.