Sometimes, courts get it wrong.
In recognition of that occurrence, our country created a judicial system that encourages the independent review of a court’s initial decision through an appeal.
However, the effectiveness of an appeal, like any tool, is often dictated by the skill and experience of its wielder. Luckily, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has attorneys with appellate representation experience. With over 100 years of collective legal experience, our attorneys have had opportunities to take cases up the appellate ladder on behalf of our clients.
Appeals do come up in the highly specialized fields of administrativehealth care, and professional licensing law. In order to achieve one’s goals, licensees are often confronted by the need to take their issue to another level of our court system in order to right a legal wrong.
Luckily, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has the experience to do it effectively. Instead of forcing you to seek out a new, even more specialized representative in the event you need an appeal, our firm has relevant experience at appealing decisions of the court. Simas & Associates, Ltd., takes pride in being competent and capable of continuing to represent you and advocating on your behalf.
While we have the ability to represent you and your position to the furthest levels of the judicial review process, we are also pragmatic. We are not going to pursue a path on your behalf for the sake of merely making a point. Rather, our goal will be to achieve constructive benefits for you, your business, or your license. Given your situation, working out an alternative resolution as opposed to exhausting your appellate rights may be more appropriate. Thus, as we pursue your appellate rights, we will continue to communicate with you on likely costs and likelihood of success – things that matter for our clients. Oftentimes, that is the best appellate advocacy you can get.

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