Legal Resources

The law is complicated. Whether it be filing a lawsuit against a former employee or defending a license from being revoked, the rules and process can get muddied and confusing pretty quickly. As a result, an individual oftentimes becomes completely reliant on hiring an attorney to help him or her figure it all out.

And sometimes attorneys need representation, or help in unfamiliar subject matter, as well.

As a result, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has created a library of resources in attempt to address the needs of potential clients, current clients, and other attorneys. Below, please find:

  • Basic resources
  • Explanatory flow charts of the administrative and litigation process
  • Online tools and calculators
  • Frequently asked questions of our representation
  • A glossary of key terms
  • Helpful links to third party websites

Our hope is that clients will be provided answers to common questions, and that potential clients will gain some insight concerning the process they are facing that will assist them in the hiring decision or in their own representation.

Please check back often, as additional tools, glossary entries, and answers to questions are added on a regular basis.

Practical Legal Resources

We want to help you understand the laws, policies, and procedures that apply to your business or your case as best we can. These resources will help you determine if your case requires an attorney, alert you to some common employer mistakes, and more.

Legal Process Overviews

Legal processes are complex and not often user-friendly, so Simas & Associates, Ltd., has created maps to help you navigate unfamiliar territory. Whether you're at the beginning of litigation or an administrative process, these overviews will help you better understand where you are headed.

Online Tools

Simas & Associates, Ltd., has found some tools to provide you with helpful information for making the representation decision. We will continue to hunt down more and post them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm is posed with dozens of questions everyday from current and prospective clients. Here, please find a collection of those most frequent questions and our answers to them.


Here, please find Simas & Associates, Ltd.’s glossary of key terms in the administrative law and civil litigation process.

Helpful Links

Simas & Associates, Ltd., provides a listing of third-party websites of the California agencies, California Courts, and other helpful websites for our clients and potential clients.

50-States Project

Simas & Associates, Ltd. led effort to identify outstanding law firms across the U.S. to refer our healthcare or professional clients to when they face similar or reciprocal licensing issues in states or territories outside of California. The effort resulted in a group of 1-3 attorneys or law firms from each state connecting and opening up channels of communication regarding their profession on a national scale.