Online Tools

At Simas & Associates, Ltd., we are constantly looking for ways to provide the best value for our clients and potential clients alike. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new tools and calculators to put onto our website to assist them in making important decisions. While Simas & Associates, Ltd. realizes and advises that personalized service in regards to any legal question is typically the best type of service, sometimes a quick free answer can be an effective way to lead the consultation.
Below, please find a collection of free online tools and calculators Simas & Associates, Ltd. has identified for its clients and potential clients. These tools are designed to answer some common questions in a more specific way than our Frequently Asked Questions section. While they are not to replace the Advice and Consultation our firm can provide, we do hope that they assist in getting some answers to your initial questions.

California Licensee Look-Up

Use this resource to find public and available information regarding the license status of a California licensee. This may include yourself, a colleague, or a former employee.

California Affirmative Defenses

Use this resource to to search an (almost) exhaustive list of applicable affirmative defenses to be raised in almost any type of legal proceeding, whether administrative, civil, or arbitration, whether in federal or state court or before an administrative law judge.