Simas & Associates, Ltd., takes great pride in all of the work we do on behalf of our clients, and the testimonials from our clients reflect that commitment. From drafting documents to advising new entities, responding to legal or governmental challenges to representing our clients in administrative hearings, civil litigation, or appeals, we enjoy the challenge of a good day’s legal work.

Our Philosophy on Providing Good Legal Counsel

Many of our clients come to us in fear and/or frustration. Whether it is the formation of a company or the defense of a license, we meet a lot of professionals who just don't know exactly what to expect when it comes to service, value, and convenience in legal representation. So, when given the opportunity to educate clients on the process, we take it very seriously. We establish representation expectations early on and adjust as the representation unfolds. We have found that this strategy keeps the client informed and in control of the representation. More importantly, it keeps the client knowledgeable of the value he or she is receiving for the path that we charted through our representation and legal strategy. That's why we love hearing about how much our clients appreciate our services. Not just as a pat on the back for a job well done, but more importantly, as an affirmation of our law firm’s commitment to a high level of service.

Law Firm Testimonials

Below, please find an assortment of recent testimonials we have received from our clients. Check back often, as we continue to update this page with our most recent successes.

License Restored through Relentless Efforts

I could not have retained a better law firm than Simas & Associates, Ltd. I say this with the greatest sincerity! My litigation was complicated and unique. Mr. Simas, his associates, and his staff were relentless in their efforts, research, and preparation for my case ... [They] were prepared for trial and prepared me for the experience. Their optimism, experience in Administrative Law, courtroom decorum, and dedication to my case led to the success of "winning" my case. My license was issued and I am successfully back in business, doing what I love!

Melodie from Redlands, California

Professional Licensing Law

Most Professional, Fair, and Honest Law Firm

Simas & Associates, Ltd. rates far above any law firm I have ever used! I would not hesitate to recommend Simas & Associates, Ltd. to any practice, friend, or employer in need of their services. Simas & Associates, Ltd. is the most professional, fair, and honest law firm I have worked with in my 28-year professional career. Steve Simas is knowledgeable, strategic, and always looked out for the best interest of my company and [for me] personally. Justin Hein is also very knowledgeable and helpful. Honesty, integrity, and fairness are not always to be equated to the legal system. But after working with Simas & Associates, Ltd. several times, I believe they hold all of these characteristics and values at their core. Through a very difficult time in my life, Steve Simas managed to make the legal process I was going through less painful. With the support of his attentive staff, the legal process was made easier. It is never a good thing to "have" to hire an attorney over a contentious situation. Steve and his staff have always managed to make the process easier to understand and more manageable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am your biggest cheerleader! 🙂

Julie from Huntington Beach, California

Healthcare Law, Civil Litigation

Diligent and Caring Malpractice Attorney

Steve Simas provided excellent support in defense of a malpractice case. Not only was he diligent and caring, but he was thoroughly professional, which led to a favorable outcome of the case. I would be happy to have him represent me in the future if the need should arise.

Dr. Barry from Los Angeles, California

Professional Licensing LawCivil Litigation

Honest, Top-Notch Employment Attorney

I have known Steve Simas for more than a dozen years, both personally and professionally. He is a brilliant and tireless regulatory lawyer, litigator, and employment law attorney. I worked with Steve in the California Legislature as a colleague, and I have hired him thereafter for the outstanding quality of his work as an employment lawyer and his unsurpassed integrity and work ethic. Not only is Steve a top-notch employment attorney, but he is honest to the core. I'm a very satisfied, repeat client

Michael from Sacramento, California

Employment LawCivil Litigation

Expert Administrative Law Attorney

Steven L. Simas and his staff were incredibly knowledgeable in Administrative Law. Their expertise was reassuring and helped instill confidence after months of being made to feel incompetent, fearful, and incapable. A successful outcome not only afforded me the opportunity to maintain my practice after 12 years, but it also rebuilt my confidence, which has been priceless. As a professional, having a Board of Optometry complaint filed against me was something that I always feared. When it happened to me, I was embarrassed and overwhelmed and just wanted everything to be over. At the advice of another attorney, I agreed to a settlement with the Board of Optometry in an effort to save legal expenses and put this event behind me. A few months later, I was informed that the Vision Service Plan (VSP), the largest private insurance company for eye care, was suspending my representation on their panel of providers. Without representation, I would not be able to work in private practice and my employment opportunities would be minimal. At the advice of leaders in the academic and professional industry, I sought Advice and Counsel from Simas & Associates, Ltd. Upon hearing about VSP's intentions, he was eager to review all of the details from my case with the Board of Optometry, and also met with me in person. From the very beginning, Mr. Simas was kind and thoughtful in the way that he empathized with my situation. He was also incredibly knowledgeable, and clearly had lots of experience working with Board of Optometry complaints and insurance panels. His expertise put me at ease in an otherwise stressful situation. He was clear in his expectations of the case and reviewed all of the best and worst-case scenarios with me. There were no surprises. At the same time, his enthusiasm made me feel reassured and hopeful after months of being made to feel incompetent and incapable. On the day of the hearing, I felt well-prepared. Throughout the hearing, I truly felt as though Mr. Simas was my best chance for winning a case against VSP. His professionalism, expertise, and strong interpersonal skills contributed to a successful outcome. And while I wish that Mr. Simas represented me in my case against the Board of Optometry, the entire experience and the reestablishment of my confidence has been priceless.

Dr. Marc from El Cerrito, California

Health Care LawProfessional Licensing Law

Invaluable Legal Counsel

I first met Steven L. Simas and his exceptional staff in 2006. Unfortunately for my family and me, it was far too late as we suffered the loss of my 20+ years as a dentist due to my prior attorney's negligence. The generous time Steve spent explaining my case became invaluable as I learned that entrusted institutions are run by people and the evil incumbent therein. Administrative law is too specialized to entrust to any random attorney. Trust your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness to no one but Steve.

Daniel from Citrus Heights, California

Administrative Law

Trustworthy and Reliable Business Attorneys

Simas & Associates, Ltd., removed us from a bad business relationship while exercising professionalism and tact. We originally retained the law firm to pursue litigation and end our business relationship. As 50% business owners, we were faced with an increasingly difficult and volatile situation. We were always impressed with how the firm was able to remove the drama and stick to the original issues. Justin Hein, in particular, showed class and patience in the most challenging of situations. Justin Hein's punctuality, first impression, preparation, document production, responses, court savvy, and respect for the law was beyond reproach. [The Firm Administrator] and the accounting staff were diligent but respectful. They were willing to work with us regarding payments during a difficult time. That was truly a blessing.

Charles and Kristin from Sacramento, California

Business Law, Contract Law

Would Not Hesitate to Hire Again

As unpleasant as it is to be a defendant in a lawsuit, it was a pleasure to work with Simas & Associates, Ltd. They are cordial, professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use their services again, where the need to arise.

Dr. Bruce from Woodland, California

Business LawCivil Litigation

Reasonable Price

The allegations were unfounded but complicated and subject to increased liability should there be malicious intent by the Board. An equitable compromise was accomplished after all facts were clarified, such that both Board's concerns and the defendants were satisfied. The Simas & Associates, Ltd. team produced an excellent result. This resulted in minimal harm to the defendant and at a reasonable price. I am grateful and thank them.

Dr. James from Arkansas

Health Care LawProfessional Licensing Law

Very Positive Experience

My experience with Simas & Associates, Ltd., was very positive. I was treated very respectfully and was able to voice my thoughts, opinions, and concerns about my case. I am completely grateful as my case was settled faster than expected, and the outcome was very positive. I will recommend this practice to anyone!

Dr. Wagdy from Alta Loma, California

Health Care LawProfessional Licensing Law

An Experienced Legal Partner

I have known Mr. Steven Simas as a professional colleague in California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) matters and did not hesitate to call upon him when I was accused of a practice violation. Having worked to create a successful, private Physical Therapy practice that was beyond reproach, and have been a physical therapist for over 25 years with an unblemished reputation in the community, I was devastated at the prospect of having to defend myself against what I felt was a false accusation. Mr. Simas was not only professional, but kind and encouraging, and a true partner in helping me convince the Physical Therapy Board that the accusation had no merit. They dropped the case against me without any formal accusations or investigations. Mr. Simas clearly worked with my situation and with the investigators and did not make the situation more contentious. The outcome was the action was dropped without any action taken, which was the best outcome imaginable. I cannot thank Steven Simas enough for his unwavering support and the attention he devoted to my case. Anyone who works with Mr. Simas and his associates should let him have unfettered control so that your outcome can be like mine. He is open to suggestions and encourages full disclosure of everything so he can navigate your case to a successful outcome.

Allen from Oakland, California

Health Care LawProfessional Licensing Law

Legal Representation with Moral Support and a Sense of Humor

Steve Simas and his team were a great asset to me during what could have been a very daunting process. Mr. Simas and his team provided me with not only great legal representation but also moral support and a sense of humor. This made intimidating situations manageable. I would recommend him and his firm without hesitation.

Dr. Stephen from Elk Grove, California

Health Care LawProfessional Licensing Law


Excellent Legal Support

Steve Simas provided excellent support in negotiating a settlement agreement in lieu of a malpractice claim. This was my second case with him that resulted in an excellent outcome. I plan to consult with him on my future legal needs, and I would recommend him to my colleagues and friends.

Dr. Singh from Pleasanton, California

Malpractice DefenseCivil Litigation


A Great Attorney Means Everything

I had been a Physical Therapist with a private practice for 24 years when a disgruntled employee decided to complain to the Physical Therapy Board of California about an alleged supervision issue.  This complaint had no merit, but the Board was adamant about a full investigation anyway. During the 18 months it took for them to decide the validity of the claim, Steve Simas and I worked together to continue to submit evidence and affidavits to support our side. Mr. Simas’s enthusiasm and support during this process made it possible for us to prevail with the best outcome - no punitive action by the Board, and the case was ultimately dropped. The best part of the whole process was Mr. Simas's openness to work on strategy and to make his client - me - feel like I had control and input over the defense process. Also, he was always available to speak with me, and that was a great comfort. When you have to fight for your reputation and perhaps your career, a great attorney means everything. Steve Simas was that attorney for me.

Allen from Oakland, California

Health Care Law, Professional Licensing Law

Gave Me Confidence and Resources to Fight

I was represented by Steve Simas in a case that jeopardized my physical therapist license and my ability to practice physical therapy. Simas & Associates, Ltd., was very knowledgeable in the area of license protection and gave me reassurance that my case would be difficult but solvable, with the right mindset. They gave me confidence and the resources to fight the Physical Therapy Board of California and provide the best defense possible. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome. Even though I received probation, it could have been much worse! I want to thank everyone at Simas & Associates, Ltd., for providing me with the best defense team I could ask for. You showed sincere concern and believed in my innocence. You were experts in license protection and I will refer you to anyone in my position to your law firm for their representation.

Steve from Salinas, California

Health Care Law, Professional Licensing Law

Experienced Attorneys In My Corner

Steve [Simas] was a huge help. He walked me through every step to help us achieve a great outcome on a very difficult case. My interactions were prompt, friendly, reliable, and very calming at a very stressful time. Mr. Simas worked hard to help us manage a case that at many times made no sense. It was a great relief to have him in my corner.

Dr. Donald from Newport Beach, California

Health Care Law, Professional Licensing Law

Protecting My Right to Due Process

Simas & Associates, Ltd. protect[ed] my right to due process and allow[ed] me to return, without fear of retribution, to the career that I love so much. I appreciate the attention to detail that Simas & Associates, Ltd. paid to my case and I will be forever grateful that their team worked so diligently and effectively to return me to coaching.

Connor from Santa Barbara, California

Professional Licensing Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Best Legal Support You Could Ask For

When our small non-profit was faced with a legal issue with the State of California, we turned to Simas & Associates, Ltd. for help. Their team provided us with the best legal counsel and support we could ask for. They were professional, diligent, honest, and straightforward with us throughout the whole process. Steven L. Simas took a situation that was daunting to us and led us through the fires safely to the other side. What could have been disastrous for our organization was settled agreeably and as quickly as possible.

Kenneth from Camarillo, California

Professional Licensing LawAdministrative Law

Best Legal Counsel and Support

Simas & Associates, Ltd. provided the best legal counsel and support our business could have asked for. The result was highly positive and I would not hesitate to have them represent us again. Justin D. Hein, in particular, was timely, professional, diligent, and made the daunting case more manageable.

Huy from San Pablo, California

Government Law, Administrative Law

No Other Option for Legal Counsel

My business partner and I were employed at a company in the bay area. We were both part of the upper management team. Over time we were both pushed into a position where we could not continue our employment and we had to plan to either find another job or start our own venture. With no venture capital and just our reputation in the industry, we decided to start our own company. Within the first month of opening our company, we were served with our first lawsuit from our previous employer whose goal was basically to put us out of business. The first lawsuit was a temporary restraining order (TRO) that would prevent us from doing business and we only have three days to act. We knew we had to find counsel immediately yet we did not know how we were going to afford this. My tax attorney had recommended Justin Hein to me previously for another issue I was dealing with a couple of years before. Mr. Hein agreed to take us on as a client and appeared on our behalf in court. He could squash all points of the TRO that would prevent us from doing business.
Within a few weeks, we were hit with another lawsuit from the same ex-employer and we retained the services of Simas & Associates, Ltd. to handle our case. As a new business owner, there was already a great deal of fear trying to figure out how to run and maintain a business and make enough money to live on. Adding a lawsuit to this only compounded the fear knowing it would potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight this. I often wondered why attorneys were referred to as counselors. I now completely understand the term. Not only did Mr. Hein counsel us through the legal aspects of this case he also had to deal with two clients that were emotional wrecks. We were scared, we were angry and we were irrational. Counseling goes far beyond just defining your legal rights. Mr. Hein never once tried to butter coat the position that we were in. My partner and I felt like we had an open and shut case. It was strong and we felt our defense was unbreakable. Mr. Hein always had us take two steps back and look at the big picture. He never wanted us to get our hopes up because the reality is anything can happen.
Mr. Hein was very upfront with the financial side of this case, letting us know if it went all the way to trial the potential cost could far outweigh any remedies the court might give us. There was no way that we could afford to see this to the end. In short, we were already financially tapped. We met with Mr. Hein to discuss our financial predicament and he agreed to work out a plan contingent on the case. This is something that does not happen for this type of case. This was the moment that told us our attorney believed in us. That was more important than winning this case. We finally felt like we were not alone and that we had a partner and friends to help us through this.
Without taking you through all the details, it was a year and a half of legal turmoil before Mr. Hein finally got us into mediation. At the end of that long and grueling day, we could walk away with both parties dropping their case. We have since retained Simas & Associates, Ltd. for our Human Resources needs and we will never make a business decision without consulting them first. Simas & Associates, Ltd. and Mr. Justin Hein are as much a part of our team as we are and we are forever grateful for all the help, wisdom, and legal advice that they have given us. Not only do we endorse Simas & Associates, Ltd. we feel there is no other option for legal counsel. When you have the best, you don't need to look any further.

Michael from Stockton, California

Employment LawBusiness LawCivil Litigation

Years of Experience

At first communication, Steve Simas obviously knew the ins and outs of my particular situation, through years of experience. He calmed my nerves and gave me a straightforward path to deal with the issue.
Upon final resolution, he had the issue thrown out, and I am a happy camper and would recommend him to everyone in need.
Thanks, Steve.

Dr. Raymond from Sausalito, California

Health Care Law, Professional Licensing Law

Stalwart Advocate in My Hour of Need

When I opened the certified return receipt requested envelope from the Department of Consumer Affairs, Veterinary Medical Board and read the contents, I literally saw my professional life “flash before my eyes.” Thank God for Simas and Associates. Mr. Simas came highly recommended and within a short period of time, I came to understand why. He immediately did what he could to calm my fears. It was the fear of the unknown that was the worst thing about my situation. He went right to work mounting a strong plan of action that put the Board on notice that we were going to fight this with every legal remedy available. In the end, his strategy paid off and the Board sent a letter thanking me for my cooperation, finding that I had not violated any of the regulations, and closed the case permanently. I can’t say enough about Simas and Associates. They made an unbearable situation bearable and their fine work led to my complete exoneration. I am so grateful for your help...Thank you!

Dr. Kelly from Los Altos, California

Health Care Law, Professional Licensing Law

Courteous, Personable, and Prompt

Thank you to Steve Simas and Justin Hein for helping me negotiate through the legal issues involving the sale of my P.T. practice. They were both very courteous, and personable, as well as prompt. I appreciated that Mr. Hein was available on the weekend, as it was difficult for me to tend to those matters during the workweek.
I will certainly use their services again, should it be necessary

Dr. Deborah from Laguna Hills, California

Health Care Law,
Business Law