ADR is a general term for a variety of non-litigation methods of resolving disputes. It is a method to provide both parties an opportunity to identify problems, advocate on behalf of their perspective or rights, and let a third party navigate the differences between parties to either define a pathway towards resolution or come to a final decision. Individuals, entities, and businesses use ADR services to avoid the expense and rigidity of civil litigation.
Simas & Associates, Ltd., has used its unique history and experience to offer qualified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services throughout the state of California. With offices in Sacramento and San Luis Obispo, Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers ADR services to both public and private entities and disputes in the practice areas of administrative lawhealth care law, and employment law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

ADR services include a full spectrum of possibilities, from informal training to the more formal arbitration, or even private trial. Below, please find a brief description of the most common types of ADR services, all of which are offered by Simas & Associates, Ltd.:



Conflict Management

This type of service involves the use of a third party to investigate an unknown conflict between two parties. This might occur with in the confines of employment between two high performing employees or powerful officers who just do not see eye-to-eye. Simas & Associates, Ltd. can be brought in to investigate, provide written findings, and a recommendation on how the conflict can be resolved.


Similar to conflict management, however, in this case the two opposing parties are given the opportunity to advocate on behalf of their differences of fact, evidence, or opinion. Mediator is instead used as a broker of the peace, acting as a real life "devil's advocate". Simas & Associates, Ltd. is not afraid to identify weaknesses in either sides "case", and although a neutral resolution will be proposed, it will not be imposed.


Typically a feature in contracts, arbitration is used as a form of private trial.  Both side will be given an opportunity to present its side and to attack the other, depending upon the formalities of the hearing. The arbitrator will then render a decision. This decision may, in fact, be binding, preventing the parties from seeking litigation as an alternative avenue for resolving the dispute.

Hearing Officer

Qualified hearing officers can oversee contractual hearing processes set forth between public and private entities and their employees. Often a feature in health care contracts, Mr. Simas is a qualified hearing officer for the California Society of Healthcare Attorneys.

Experienced ADR Attorneys

With varied backgrounds counseling the Executive and Legislative branches of the state of California, serving as a Deputy Attorney General, conducting fee arbitration services for the State Bar of California, and practicing at one of the state's larger law firms, our attorney's biggest asset are their abilities to look at dilemmas from a variety of perspectives.
From having served as an advocate for some of the state's most aggressive litigants and powerful defendants, and having successfully refereed disputes amongst members of their own profession, our attorneys have a history of nonetheless converting them all to peacemakers and resolution-seekers.
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