Physicians and Surgeons

An Experienced Defense Team for Physicians and Surgeons


There are three main reasons physicians and surgeons in California have some of the most urgent and complicated legal issues that healthcare attorneys and professional licensing attorneys face:

  • They are the most “reported” healthcare practitioners Simas & Associates, Ltd., represents—let alone licensed professionals.
  • The regulatory agencies—from the Medical Board of California (MBC) to individual hospital peer review panels—are the most aggressive investigators and unforgiving prosecutors a licensee can face.
  • The ultimate consequences of the legal and professional issues for physicians and surgeons are the most grave and profound.

Simas & Associates, Ltd., has years of experience representing physicians and surgeons. We recognize the numerous and severe potential consequences of physician reporting requirements: a complaint against a physician, whether in civil court or with the MBC, can also find its way to healthcare and insurance plans in which the physician serves as a provider, hospital peer review privileges, the National Practitioners Data Bank (NPDB), and even organizations with which the physician is board certified.  Thus, even the most mundane-sounding complaints can have severe and permanent consequences.
Our team aggressively defends the rights of physicians and all aspects of their medical practice, throughout the State of California, in the following areas:

  • Residency program issues, grievances, and related litigation
  • Hospital peer review applications, investigations, and hearings
  • Safeguarding the rights of physicians to “due process” and a “fair hearing process” in peer review matters
  • MBC investigations
  • MBC applications, license denials, and discipline
  • Administrative hearings regarding license denial or discipline
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration investigations, applications, and discipline
  • Healthcare provider plan applications, audits, investigations, and inquiries
  • Responding to negative reports to the NPDB or other credentialing body
  • Scope of practice and supervision of affiliated licensees issues
  • Appealing any adverse decision of an administrative body to superior court by filing a petition for writ of administrative mandate
  • Civil litigation and appeals related to physicians’ employment, staff privileges, and licensing
  • Advice and consulting regarding effect of out-of-state issues on California licensing with the MBC
  • Proper business structuring to avoid regulatory compliance issues
  • Labor and employment law regarding physicians, medical groups, and public entities

Because our attorneys represent numerous types of healthcare providers and other professional licensees, we are able to use our wide-ranging experience to benefit our physician clients. Given the broad range of possible consequences of any one of the types of actions a physician may face, it is imperative for physicians to deal with these issues immediately as they arise.

Why Doctors Need to Retain a Lawyer Immediately

It is also important that physicians and doctors understand the severity of the consequences they face even upon the launching of an inquiry or investigation. Please do not underestimate your situation. The MBC uses highly trained, experienced, and sophisticated investigators. They are able to elicit admissions and evidence for allegations of misconduct from unsuspecting physicians and surgeons within five minutes of introducing themselves and explaining what they are doing. Therefore, it is truly essential that medical practitioners retain counsel immediately whenever they are faced with circumstances that reflect on a license or profession.


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