Automobile Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s founder Steven L. Simas brings years of hands-on experience to the firm’s automotive industry practice. His practical experience includes serving as a Deputy Attorney General representing the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Bureau of Automotive Repair, not to mention his years of experience working at a family-owned car dealership on the Central Coast.

As one of the most highly regulated industries in the State of California, Simas & Associates, Ltd.'s attorneys often lend our administrative, employment, business, and contract law experience to those individuals and businesses mired in an automobile industry law dispute. This includes representing clients such as automobile dealers, repair shops, recreational vehicle dealers, motorcycle dealers, and other licensees of a number of regulatory agencies and areas.

Department of Motor Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for licensing the sale of new and used cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and other vehicles, including the licensing of vehicle salespersons.

As a former Deputy Attorney General with the State of California, Mr. Simas used to prosecute such cases for the DMV throughout the State of California. A dealership license is the lynchpin of your business: without it, you cannot sell cars. From an informal investigation regarding a complaint to the filing of a formal accusation with the Office of Administrative Hearings, the experienced attorneys of Simas & Associates, Ltd. are experts at navigating our DMV-licensed clients through the administrative process.

Bureau of Automotive Repair

As part of the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Bureau of Automotive Repair investigates complaints against automotive repair shops of all types, including undercover and sting operations.

Our attorneys’ experience in defending administrative actions such as those the Bureau brings, in addition to working in the automotive industry, serves our clients well in evening the score when the Bureau of Automotive Repair comes calling.

New Motor Vehicle Board

The New Motor Vehicle Board was created as an administrative agency charged with the responsibility of hearing and deciding specific types of franchise disputes between the dealership and the manufacturer distributor. These include the proposed termination or modification of a franchise, the proposed establishment or relocation of dealerships, disputes involving vehicle pre-delivery inspection and preparation obligations of dealers, warranty chargeback disputes, and disputes involving factory incentive programs. The Board conducts administrative hearings regarding these issues.

Our attorneys help our automotive dealer clients navigate the administrative process of the New Motor Vehicle Board.


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