California Law Victories

Representing licensed professionals and businesses throughout the State of California since 2002 has resulted in an assortment of success stories, leading to testimonials from a number of our prior clients.  However, we are particularly proud of our accomplishments in the following cases.  While Simas & Associates, Ltd. handles matters before any of the various Agencies, Departments, Boards, Bureaus, and Commissions throughout the State of California, a large bulk of our cases come from representation before the following entities.  And that is what makes these successes that much sweeter.


Medical Board of California

The Medical Board of California (MBC) regulates and oversees the licensure and competent practice of physicians, surgeons, and certain allied health professionals through vigorous enforcement of the Medical Practice Act.

Victory Over the Medical Board of California! 
- When one California physician attempted to reinstate his license, the Medical Board decided they did not like some of the evidence that was presented. Instead of ruling on the case based on the weight of the arguments presented, the board decided to not rule on the case because it was “out of their jurisdiction.”  Read More


Board of Registered Nursing

The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) regulates the practice of registered nursing and exists to protect the health and safety of consumers and promote quality registered nursing care in California.

Potential Grounds for Revocation of Probation Averted

- Nurse on probation missed a check-in for controlled substance testing. It was due to a malfunctioning alarm clock. Nevertheless, missing such a check-in was immediate grounds for revocation of probationary discipline on the Nurse’s license. Simas & Associates, Ltd. was able to spring into action by immediately informing the Probation monitor of the missed check-in, the Nurse’s prior, spotless check-in... Read More

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Office of Administrative Hearings

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) is a quasi-judicial tribunal that hears administrative disputes, seeking to provide a neutral forum for fair and independent resolution of administrative matters. In addition to presiding over licensing matters, they also adjudicate disputes regarding public employee benefits and public contracting awards.

Simas Saves Disabled Employee’s Retirement

- In Sacramento, a county employee suffered a disability on the job that continued to worsen during employment, until the individual could no longer work. The retirement board did not agree on the cause of the disability, threatening the worker’s retirement. On the eve of a two-day hearing, Attorney Justin D. Hein met with opposing counsel to settle in favor of... Read More

Simas Tops CalPERS With Just One Expert Witness

- Our client, a correctional officer, was severely injured on the job. The injury required an immediate visit to the ER and the residual effects of the injury prevented him from being able to use a firearm or a baton, but the California Public Employees Retirement System accused him of faking the severity of his injury. It only took one expert... Read More

Clean Sweep of Bid Protests!

- After a multi-million dollar contract for data storage for the State of California was awarded to our client, Kovarus, three bid protests came in from NetAPP, NWN Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard Company. In the end, the Administrative Law Judge agreed with our arguments and awarded the contract to Kovarus... Read More


Veterinary Medical Board

The California Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) licenses veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and their work premises, and enforces the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.

Probationary License Granted After Initial Denial
- When a veterinary student graduates with their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree after many years of schooling, they often assume the process of getting their Veterinary License from the California Veterinary Medical Board will be (relatively) easy. This was not the case with one of our recent clients, who was denied his Veterinary License based on a criminal conviction... Read More

Veterinary Medical Board Investigation Closed Without Discipline

- Sometimes distressed pet owners can take out their frustrations on their attending Veterinarian. Such was the case with a DVM client of S&A who could not properly diagnose the illness of a canine patient because the pet owner was concerned about the cost of testing and treatment. Unable to do the lab work needed for the patient, our DVM client... Read More

Gross Negligence Charge Reduced to a Mere Fine

- When the Veterinary Medical Board comes knocking, you know you have to be prepared for a serious case. One client found this out when the board accused his veterinary practice of gross negligence. He reached out to Simas & Associates, Ltd., right away, and with great preparation and attention, we convinced the Veterinary Medical Board to dismiss the accusation. Only... Read More


California State Board of Optometry

The California State Board of Optometry aims to, “protect the health and safety of California consumers through licensing, education, and regulation of the practice of Optometry.”

Optometry Practice Saved!

- When one optometrist faced complaints from the Board of Optometry, his previous attorney recommended he take an easy settlement. Shortly thereafter, Vision Service Plan (VSP) dropped their coverage of the optometrist, eliminating his ability to operate his private practice and debilitating his chances of finding work elsewhere. This is where Simas & Associates, Ltd., stepped in. Through hard work, technical... Read More

VSP Reinstates Provider’s Status and Career!

- A client had his provider status terminated by the Vision Service Plan (VSP). Simas & Associates, Ltd., mounted a successful defense against VSP. We submitted a successful petition for a writ of mandate, demand for action, in the Sacramento Superior Court. The court ruled that the VSP abused its discretion in terminating the physician’s provider status. Now our client can... Read More

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Bureau of Automotive Repairs

The California BAR seeks to protect and serve California consumers by ensuring a fair and competitive automotive repair marketplace and administering a model motor vehicle emissions reduction program.

Repair Shop Owner Overturns Disqualification with Two Letters!

- A California automotive technician wrongfully received a STAR disqualification notice that could have ruined his business. He reached out to Simas & Associates, Ltd. With two simple letters, we showed the BAR that their claims were unfounded, giving our client no grounds to mount a meaningful defense. After forcing them to reevaluate their findings, the BAR overturned their decision without... Read More

The BAR Bites Off More Than It Can Chew

- Simas & Associates, Ltd., tangled with the BAR in a case involving consumer complaints and an undercover sting operation against a California automotive technician. Simas & Associates, Ltd., highlighted our client’s nearly perfect reputation and took a healthcare law approach to expose the holes in this case. Ultimately, it forced the BAR to withdraw all charges... Read More


Physical Therapy Board of California

The PTBC is a California State government agency, which licenses and disciplines physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

Investigator’s Accusation Closed Without Charge!

- After a surprise visit from a Physical Therapy Board investigator, our client’s practice was accused of having unlicensed staff. This was, conveniently, after a recent change in the Physical Therapy Board’s policy regarding supervision of staff. Our team analyzed the case and provided adequate responses to the board’s investigator. The file was closed and no incidents were charged against the... Read More


Bureau of Real Estate

The California Bureau of Real Estate oversees the licensure and education of real estate brokers and salespersons and enforces the real estate law and regulations.

Realtor’s Reputation and License Restored!

- In an admitted absent-minded mistake on the part of a California realtor, he was arrested for theft and trespassing on what was thought to be abandoned property. As a result, he was threatened with the loss of his realtor’s license and criminal charges. However, through emphasizing evidence of rehabilitation, mitigation, and character, Simas & Associates, Ltd., clearly demonstrated that the... Read More

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Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

The California Department of ABC regulates the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in the state of California.

Sacramento Tavern Saved!

- A long-time watering hole in Midtown Sacramento was facing significant disciplinary action from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control ("ABC") as the result of improper activities in the neighborhood, possible security issues, and a disorderly house. After proceeding to hear, the establishment was saved by outstanding mitigation evidence, including training and proof that the tavern’s owners were rectifying security concerns... Read More


Department of Insurance

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) enforces the state’s insurance laws and regulates how insurers and licensees do business in California.

Facing 11 Causes for Discipline and $250,000 in fines, Simas & Associates, Ltd. Negotiates 2-years Probation, $2,500 fine

- Insurance broker found himself in dire straits after some mishandled paperwork resulted in negative consequences for an elderly client, who subsequently passed away. The Department of Insurance initially interpreted the broker’s actions as intentional and fraudulent. Through persistence, critical corroborating witnesses, and evidence, attorney Justin D. Hein was able to convince the Department otherwise. Furthermore, through excellent evidence of rehabilitation... Read More

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California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The California DMV provides licensing and motor vehicle-related services, from registering vehicles and licensing drivers, to recording vehicle ownership and administering the  Financial Responsibility Law.

Driver’s License Swiftly Restored

- After one man’s driver's license was suspended due to a mental condition, he faced both personal and professional roadblocks. Having a suspended driver’s license can diminish a person’s ability to function, especially if that individual is a single parent, or he or she is required to operate a vehicle on the job. Attorney Justin Hein convinced the hearing officer to... Read More


California Department of Food and Agriculture

The CDFA promotes and protects a safe, healthy food supply, and enhances local and global agricultural trade, with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Months of Diligent Work Reverses SNAP Disqualification!

- A food vendor in the Sacramento area received notice that they were permanently disqualified from the SNAP program, on charges of trafficking. A team of Simas & Associates, Ltd., staff, and a private investigator collected months of receipts, invoices, and testimonies to demonstrate the misunderstanding. SNAP weighed the evidence and, in an unprecedented move, revoked their initial decision... Read More


California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)

CAL FIRE protects and stewards over 31 million acres of California's privately-owned wildlands. They also varied emergency services in 36 of the State's 58 counties in cooperation with local governments.

CAL FIRE Withdraws Accusation After Persistent Legal Defense

- CAL FIRE filed an accusation against one Simas & Associates, Ltd., client, but never moved forward with the case. After several formal requests for documentation and a writ of mandate, the agency negotiated a settlement on the documents but continued to ignore the accusation. Our attorneys persisted, and eventually, CAL FIRE withdrew the accusation against our client... Read More

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Municipal Government Law

Simas & Associates Diffuses a Public Disagreement

When our law firm was retained to advise the City Council of Morro Bay regarding the contracts and employment of Morro Bay's City Manager and City Attorney, we were thrown into a very public, contentious debate. Working with both sides of an internal disagreement, we were able to assist the city in replacing the attorney, replacing the City Manager, without... Read More

We love hearing about how much our clients appreciate our services. Not just as a pat on the back for a job well done, but more importantly, as an affirmation of our law firm’s commitment to a high level of service.