Human Resources


Our success in helping businesses form and grow has led Simas & Associates, Ltd., to become an excellent legal resource in the field of Human Resources.

Growing into HR Legal Counsel

The natural evolution of most successful businesses results in the hiring of employees. The hiring of employees involves business owners wading into the myriad of local, state, and federal laws that govern employees. Needing guidance, many have returned to us to help serve as an HR Sherpa.

Along the way, we have become acquainted with other businesses and organizations having various success or difficulties in Human Resources management. We have used our years of experience to assist them in continuing their current path or resolving their business's legal problems. This includes identifying and correcting any core compliance mistakes and setting a new course to avoid additional Human Resources problems down the road.

Get Legal Help with Your Human Resources

Assistance from Simas & Associates, Ltd., in Human Resources can come in a variety of types of representation. Below, please find a non-exhaustive list of areas where we can assist:

  • Documentation (e.g. drafting of employee manuals, job descriptions, and corrective action policies, etc.)
  • Investigation (e.g. leading a company through an impartial and competent investigation of a harassment claim or customer complaint, etc.)
  • Audits (e.g. compliance investigation of employee files, etc.)
  • Research (e.g. reviewing the application of federal or state law to the internal procedures or controls of a company, etc.)
  • Participation (e.g. conducting the recruitment of new hires, etc.)

In any event, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has demonstrated experience and competence in guiding a company's Human Resources department and staff.

Remote or On-Site HR Legal Services in California

Simas & Associates, Ltd., has offices in both Northern (Sacramento) and Central Coast (San Luis Obispo) California. Nevertheless, we offer our Human Resources services statewide. While most of the services can be provided to companies remotely, Simas & Associates, Ltd., is more than happy to be onsite for you and your needs.

So, as you grow, do not go it alone. Get a trusted, experienced professional in the field of Human Resources to serve as your guide along your projected path of success.

Contact Simas & Associates, Ltd. today for your free HR Sherpa consultation.