Workplace Investigations

Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers a variety of workplace investigation and training options for private and public employers throughout the State of California. With an office in the state's capital, San Jose, Santa Monica, San Diego, and along the Central Coast, our experienced attorneys and legal staff offer a unique perspective to employers of every stripe within all four corners of the Bear Flag Republic, including:

  • State departments, agencies, and boards
  • Regional and special districts
  • Counties, cities, and other municipalities (i.e. We have served as the San Luis Obispo County Civil Service Commission's outside counsel since 2012.)
  • Utility companies
  • Public and private universities and colleges
  • Public school districts
  • Private schools
  • Social service and nonprofit organizations
  • Contractors
  • Private businesses and offices

Workplace Investigations

One of the most difficult challenges an organization can face is conducting a prompt, thorough, lawful, and cost-effective investigation into allegations of potential workplace misconduct. In fact, ensuring that such investigations are conducted correctly, discreetly, and efficiently is essential to establishing legal defenses, preserving the attorney-client privilege, and implementing effective measures to rehabilitate employee morale and mitigate future claims or lost productivity.

As experienced Administrative LawEmployment Law, and Business Law attorneys, we draw from a varied perspective of the law in action. Having worked with thousands of highly-educated professionals, we have witnessed firsthand the depths of creativity and guile that a director, officer, manager, supervisor, employee, agent, or independent contractor can go to defend or cloak their conduct. This creativity extends to their interactions at the workplace and avoidance of internal protocol. With an experienced private investigator on staff, Simas & Associates, Ltd., boasts the right tools along with the right perspective to get the job thoroughly but efficiently completed.

Experienced Workplace Investigation Attorneys

As a result, we have conducted countless workplace investigations, audits, and training of all types, for all employer types, since 2002. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sexual harassment, discrimination, equal employment opportunity (EEO), retaliation, and hostile workplace
  • Workplace theft and fraud (e.g. Disability, Workers' Compensation, etc.)
  • Wage and Hour (e.g. Overtime, Meals, Rests, Classifications, etc.)
  • HIPAA, I-9, Personnel Files
  • Recruitment, substantive training, corrective action, and separation
  • Directors, officers, managers, supervisors of companies
  • State, county, city, municipal executives, directors, and board members
  • Employee handbooks, operation manuals (i.e. drafting or revising)
  • Human Resources Department creation, staffing, development
  • Preparation for Civil Litigation or Administrative Hearings, such Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board Hearings or Berman Hearings before the Labor Commissioner

Our Method for Workplace Investigations

Once retained, we develop and communicate our plan of action for gathering relevant evidence and interviewing key witnesses. For complicated matters, we will recommend the retention of relevant third-party consultants or Expert Witnesses.

Upon approval, we execute that plan in a manner that will cause the least disruption and intrusion into your day-to-day business.  We take into account all of the following as we press ahead with our investigations, compiling of evidence, and drafting of findings:

  • Customer/client/patient goodwill
  • Privacy and trade secrets
  • Preserving the attorney-client privilege
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Avoiding retaliation
  • Preservation of documentation
  • Desired method of communicating findings/recommendations (i.e. ranging from summary findings to an extensive report examining legal implications and recommendations).

Simas & Associates, Ltd., assumes the role of an independent, impartial, and objective fact-finder through our investigation. As a result, we will be honest and forthright with our findings and recommendations. This is how we ensure competent results and a positive reputation among those entities we have worked for and continue to consult.

Please contact us for your free and confidential initial consultation. During this call, videoconference, or in-person meeting, Simas & Associates, Ltd., will gather the initial facts it needs to determine the requisite resources to accomplish your investigation or training as quickly and cost-conscious as possible. So please contact us today so we can get started as soon as possible.