Practical Resources

Our team at Simas & Associates, Ltd. wants to help you understand the laws and policies that govern your business so you can stay out of legal trouble in the first place, or get the best possible assistance if needed. This list of resources will continue to grow, so check back regularly to make sure you are up to date on best practices.

19 Common Mistakes You and Every Employer Are Probably Making

Being a good employer will serve your business very well, but everything you have built could be threatened by one simply oversight that grows into a lawsuit. Stop making these common employer mistakes today.

An Easy Guide to California Employment Law: 10 Things Every Employer Should Know

As your company grows, you will add and turn over employees, which means you need to master more than just your business model. It's easy, especially for new and growing employers, to make costly mistakes regarding employment law, but it's also easy to avoid those mistakes with quick action and proper documentation.

Most Common Claims and Actions: Contract Law

Contracts protect your company and your employees, but they can also be big liabilities. Avoid stressful, costly claims by making sure that you understand a few key pieces of contract law.

To Represent or Not to Represent: When is an Attorney Optional & When Is It Necessary

It can be tough to determine when to represent yourself and when you need to hire a qualified business attorney. No one wants to pay for representation that they don’t need (we know), but neither do you want to get in over your head. Here are 12 common scenarios, and some insight on which need a lawyer.

Litigation Time Limits

Every step of the litigation process is governed by time limits in order to keep a case moving through the legal system in a timely fashion, and to prevent unnecessary degradation of evidence and testimonies. Learn the time limits that apply to each party during every stage of litigation.