Board of Registered Nursing to Begin Issuing Citations for Failure to File Change Address

The California Board of Registered Nursing (“Board”) has announced via its website, that it will now be issuing citations and fines for licensees who fail to file a change of address with the Board within 30 days.
While, California Code of Regulations section 1409.1 has long required nurses to change their address within thirty days to this point there has been little, if any, enforcement of the requirement and it has not been uncommon for licensees to wait until their renewal date to update their address.  Starting immediately, though, they will need to be more cautious in order to avoid being cited and fined.
A citation, while not considered formal discipline by the Board, can still be harmful to future employment prospects, etc. and should be avoided – particularly for such an easily avoidable reason!  Registered nurses can change their address by contacting the Board via mail at Board of Registered Nursing, P.O. Box 944210, Sacramento, CA 94244-2100, telephone at (916) 322-3350, or online.
For more information, please see the Board’s name/address change website.