Court Interpreters Program – Is Your Interpreter Certified?

The Judicial Council of California is accountable for the Court Interpreters Program (CIP). The goal of the CIP is to give access of the court to non English speakers as well as hard-of-hearing and deaf people.  Beginning in 2010 California adopted an exam that is accessible in 43 other states for interpreters, in order to enhance the ability of the interpreter to do their job.
From July 2010 through July 2012, a total of 2,196 exams have been taken.  They have been taken in 11 different spoken languages.  Since this exam has been used, only 57% have passed the written exam and only 14.7% have passed the oral exam.  The interpreters, who do pass the exam, are people who use the language for their daily job, have at least some college education in that language or have completed a certificate or degree program with regards to the language.  So far, only 7% of the people who have taken the exam have received certification.
Currently, this exam is administered in 18 different cities throughout California. According to the CIP, the tests that California used and the consortium exams both are the same in structure, content, and difficulty, as well as, holding the interpreter to the same high standards.