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Services Provided –Since its founding in 2002, Simas & Associates, Ltd.(“S&A”) has seen hundreds of issues physical therapists face in the highly regulated environment of physical therapy (“PT”) practice. Thus, these are the services we provide:

  • Physical Therapy Professional Corporations S&A offers California Physical Therapy Association (“CPTA”) members a free initial consultation and a $500.00 discount on incorporating a physical therapy practice in the state of California.
  • Ongoing General Counsel Services – We serve as the outside general counsel for your business and be available to consult on an ongoing basis as the legal issues you face arise.
  • Licensing Defense and Regulatory Compliance – S&A is one of the leading administrative law and license defense firms in the state. We represent licensees in audits, investigations, disciplinary actions, license application issues and appeals before the Physical Therapy Board of California (and other agencies). Our team also consults physical therapists on regulatory compliance and best practices in areas such as:
    • Scope of PT practice, wellness, mobilization, and direct access
    • Supervision of aides and assistants
    • Recordkeeping and charting
    • Patient intake, consent, management, avoiding abandonment
    • Referrals, antikickback and anti-rebate and referral fee statutes
  • Employment law counseling and representation S&A’s team represents health care and other employers throughout the state in matters involving independent contractors, employment agreements, wrongful termination and discrimination, hiring, termination, workplace investigations, workplace safety, employee polices and handbooks, training and human resources issues, and related areas of this complex legal arena.
  • Provider disputes, audits and appeals – We represent physical therapists and others in all types of provider disputes, audits, appeals, and litigation, including private insurance, MediCal, and Medicare.
  • Civil litigation – We often consult and represent physical therapists in litigation, including in the areas of expert witness subpoenas, depositions, business and billing disputes, and contract disputes.

Resources – Over the years we have developed many tools, benefits, and resources for physical therapists, some of which are listed below:

  • Discounted hourly rates and fees S&A provides a significant discount on hourly rates to CPTA members for their own legal matters. These discounts range from 10 to 25 % off hourly rates.
  • Free Initial 30-Minute Consultation – Our team will schedule CPTA members for an initial consultation at no cost to you. We will review your legal issue, documents, contract, or dispute to outline and define your problem and goals. And many times, we even solve the problem or outline a plan during this consultation. So call us today!
  • Law firm presentations and blog – We continuously present at conferences, seminars and townhalls, and write about legal issues and regulatory developments in the field of PT. Below are a few examples:

History – S&A is proud to have partnered with, supported, and represented CPTA and its members for 16 years! Serving as its general counsel, S&A’s legal team has written countless articles, presented continuing education programs, webinars, and seminars, and has provided legal advice and representation to hundreds of physical therapy professionals, employers, businesses, and licensees throughout California.

Most recently the S&A team led the April 9, 2020 COVID -19 Townhall and provided numerous resources on areas including Governor’s Executive Orders, state and federal relief available to practice owners, impact upon employment such as furloughs, work-sharing, and benefits to practice owners available from the federal and state governments.

How we Support PT – For current CPTA members, S&A offers a free 30-minute initial consultation on your legal issue and offers significantly discounted hourly rates and flat fees for CPTA members.

If you are not a current CPTA member (in addition to APTA member), please click here to join APTA and then make sure you join its California affiliate, CPTA.