DRE becomes BRE in 10 days – So Update Your Marketing Materials

On July 1, 2013, the Department of Real Estate (DRE) is no more. No, the State of California is not abolishing the agency.  Rather, they are shifting under the Department of Consumer Affairs and becoming the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE).
As a result, the BRE is recommending that California real estate licensees take proactive action to update all marketing materials to reflect the change. Many licensees have physical and virtual marketing assets that make reference to their “DRE license number” or “regulated by the Department of Real Estate”. As there will no longer be a Department of Real Estate or DRE, licensees are being encouraged to update and replace those soon-to-be outdated materials.
The BRE will not be citing licensees for failing to update solicitation materials that reference the Department of Real Estate or DRE. The BRE is taking the reasonable position that throwing away business cards just to change one letter would be wasteful. However, the BRE is encouraging everyone to be mindful of the change. And to make changes where they can – i.e. website, social media, etc. – where they can instantaneously without much hardship.