Hello San Diego!

Simas & Associates, Ltd. opened its fourth office location this week in San Diego, California.
The office is located in the AT&T Building, a 20-story skyscraper located in the Horton district of Downtown San Diego. The 24th tallest building in city, it sits is in a prominent location, across the street from the Edward J. Schwartz U.S. Courthouse for the Southern District of California and blocks away from the County of San Diego, Superior Court of California, and the State of California offices housing the Office of Administrative Hearings, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
The law firm is just beginning the process of opening the location. The office contact information is as follows:

Simas & Associates, Ltd.
AT&T Building
101 West Broadway
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619.961.4998
Facsimile: 619.961.4999

The firm is presently staffing the office on an as-needed basis. So, if you would like to make an in-person appointment, please note that it will likely need to be the next business day from the request. We thank you for your patience.