Contract Negotiation

Simas & Associates, Ltd., has years of experience representing clients in all aspects of Contract Law. Our attorneys have handled contract negotiation, preparation, drafting, review, revision, and amending for a variety of different contract types, for a variety of different types of clients. In addition, our attorneys can challenge or defend the validity or enforcement of contractual terms in judicial proceedings.

The Key to Effective Contract Negotiation

The key ingredient in contract negotiation is listening. This means listening to the needs and desires of both parties that enter into a contract. By listening, needs can be discerned from desires, and properly prioritized. In listening, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has found that many apparent conflicts between contracting parties can be completely avoided.

Experienced Contract Law Attorneys

In contract law, Simas & Associates, Ltd., always keeps the best interests of the client in mind. Oftentimes, this requires educating the client on short- and long-term interests, and the impact specific terms will have on each. It also means relaying the likely consequences of particular actions in regard to an existing contract, or seeking specific terms during the course of negotiation. Being honest and upfront with our clients helps them avoid unnecessary, unwanted, and (ultimately) costly disputes.
Thus, no matter where you are in your legal needs in regards to contract negotiation, drafting, or dispute resolution, the experienced attorneys from Simas & Associates, Ltd., are ready to help. Use our years of contract experience to your advantage.

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