License Investigation

A majority of licensing actions stem from the filing of a consumer complaint with the respective licensing board or agency. The attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd., have represented hundreds of licensed professionals over the years in responding to audits, investigations, consumer complaints, and other matters where licensing agencies either send a letter to the licensee, try to interview the licensee, or—in some cases, such as with the Medical Board of California—schedule a taped interview with the licensee.
It is imperative to have specialized and skillful legal counsel during this investigative process. Most licensees are new to the process, but our attorneys have handled hundreds of these investigations, and know exactly how to proceed. We know exactly what the licensing agency is looking for, which issues are most volatile, and how to begin controlling the situation at the earliest possible time—the investigation.
Minor issues during an investigation can explode into complications during a hearing. Make sure your attorney is involved from the very beginning.