Petitions for Reinstatement

When a licensee has had his or her license revoked—or otherwise surrendered a license—regaining one’s profession requires a petition for reinstatement. The attorneys of Simas & Associates, Ltd., have many years of experience in petitioning licensing boards and commissions for reinstatement of our clients’ licenses.
While the burden of proof is on the petitioning licensee to demonstrate fitness and competency to rejoin the profession, licensees usually have a single chance at petitioning for reinstatement. Then, the licensee has to wait one to two years before trying again. Accordingly, it is imperative to have well-versed attorneys make the most of any petition for reinstatement.
If you are dealing with a revoked or surrendered professional license, contact your attorney before attempting to reinstate it. If you need an experienced attorney to help get your license back, contact our team online or call us at 888.999.0008.