Understanding Medical Negligence – Our Attorneys Can Help!

Society has adopted an unfortunate and all-too-common mindset: “My doctor messed up and I could totally sue.” Patients are not shy about invoking medical negligence if anything untoward happens during a procedure.

Medical negligence happens any time that the health care professional provides treatment that falls below the appropriate standard of care, resulting in harm to the patient. If a health care provider’s negligence causes injury or harm to the patient, the patient can file for medical negligence.

The Medical Negligence Facts May Surprise You

  • According to Forbes, in 2012, a medical malpractice claim was paid out every 43 minutes.
  • Medical malpractice cases are complex: they require in depth investigations and interviews.
  • The number of incoming doctors is actually increasing, contrary to the myth that insurance is decreasing the number of doctors.
  • In recent years, the number of actual malpractice claims is actually declining.

So, what does this mean for you if a malpractice claim is filed? First, a seasoned attorney should be contacted immediately. If you do not have an attorney, contact Simas & Associates, Ltd., online or call us at 888-999-0008 today for a free consultation. A malpractice claim can disrupt a successful career, further, it can cost thousands of dollars. You have worked hard for your success, the success of your organization, and to protect your name. Do not let that go to waste.

What Can Health Care Providers Do?

Follow these pointers as you work your way through the malpractice process, with the guidance of your counsel:

  • Make sure you are honest and thorough with your patients.
  • Know the law that governs you.
  • Re-double your efforts to thoroughly understand the standards for treatment—known as "standards of care"—and practice, and follow them. These standards are not always black or white, and can vary depending upon such seemingly inconsequential things as where the medical procedure is taking place.
  • Stay calm. Studies have shown that specialized doctors are three to four times more likely to run a medical malpractice claim than general practitioners. If one is filed against you, Simas & Associates, Ltd., is here to help.
  • Always keep clean, clear, and precise records. You never know when insurance or attorneys may need them, so accurate record-keeping is key.

An Attorney Can Help

Keep in mind, in any malpractice case, attorneys must be able to prove that the physician breached the standard of care that is accepted as common practice for a particular illness. If this is not found, a case cannot be made. To prove this, a thorough investigation is needed.

Simas & Associates, Ltd., can help by making sure the investigation is thorough, all evidence is checked and gathered, the physician is represented by an accomplished attorney who understands the surrounding laws, and time is devoted to understanding your case - which is crucial.

Don’t put your hard work and success on the line. If you have any questions, or if you need an attorney to advise you or even to defend you and protect your name, contact Simas & Associates, Ltd.  Your success is our priority.>