Professional Licensing Bills

California state legislators recently proposed a trifecta of bills intended to allow Californians with prior convictions to obtain professional licenses. If approved Assembly Bills 2138, 2293, and 3039 would lessen and potentially remove the obstacles Californians with criminal histories face when applying for a license.


Simas & Associates, Ltd. frequently represents clients who have had their professional licensing application denied due to past criminal conviction(s). Often times, these past convictions are old history – more that 10 (or even 20!) years old. Oftentimes the conviction is not related to the type of work the potential licensee is applying for a license to perform. Yet the Boards will deny licenses regardless of how long ago the conviction occurred or the conviction’s relevancy.


AB 2138 would “prohibit the Department of Consumer Affairs from denying or revoking licenses under its issuing authority unless the conviction is directly related to the functions of the profession the applicant wishes to pursue”. AB 3039 would “enact similar provisions for all licenses issued by the Department of Social Services (DSS)”. And AB 2293 would do the same, but “apply to EMS licenses issued by the Emergency Medical Services Authority”.[1]


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