Congratulations to Sharon M. Cain, Administrative Assistant at Simas & Associates, Ltd., for being the first recipient of the Concilio et Labore trophy.

Sharon M. Cain, 1st Recipient of Concilio et Labore Trophy

Sharon M. Cain, 1st Recipient of Concilio et Labore Trophy

Concilio et Labore is latin loosely translated to mean, “By Wisdom and Effort.” In practice, we read it as recognizing those who not only had the vision of a particular goal, but also engaged in the effort to achieve it.
Sharon was nominated and selected among all staff due to her exceptional performance and attitude during the first 4 months of 2015. Specifically, Sharon used ingenuity to solve a number of communication breakdowns the firm had been having with clients and opposing counsel. She also has been a leader of encouraging more face-to-face time between office members, which as a result has encouraged more direct communication with clients and opposing counsel – as opposed to “documenting the file” through email and letter correspondence. This has improved the overall performance of the law firm. And for that, she was recognized and given the award.
Congratulations, Sharon!


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