Simas & Associates, Ltd. to Sponsor July 6 Concerts in the Park

On July 6, 2017, Simas & Associates, Ltd. will sponsor the "Concert in the Park," hosted by the City of Paso Robles. The main act will be the world guitar band, Incendio (@IncendioBand). Incendio is Jim Stubblefield (guitar), Jean-Pierre Durand (guitar, guitar synth), Liza Carbe (bass, guitar), Tim Curle (drums), and Nicole Falzone (percussion). Free admission! 

Incendio is a Los Angeles-based group that started in 1999, and came of age during the last gasp of the old record industry paradigm. Faced with the prospect of being an instrumental music-driven band in an age of increasingly bleak pop-driven market, Incendio has persevered and even thrived, taking instrumental Spanish guitar music to new and uncharted artistic levels. 

Incendio’s richly textured music is rooted in myriad sources: Carbé’s flamenco and classical guitar training as well as her Sicilian ancestry, Durand’s Peruvian heritage, Stubblefield’s European travels and musical collaborations with Kuwaiti oud maestro Waleed Hamad, not to mention Durand’s penchant for rock-style dramatics and Stubblefield’s lightning-fingered jazz-fusion mastery. Carbé’s deceptively graceful bass and guitar playing grounds Durand and Stubblefield’s dazzling twin-guitar attack.

Sweeping, romantic playing is usually the heart and soul of live Spanish guitar performance. But the diverse backgrounds of the musicians in Incendio mean that, in addition to that romantic and passionate playing of their instruments, their concerts balance rock-style enthusiasm and energy with a tremendous technical and improvisational sophistication. Thus, Incendio achieves the difficult task of appealing to both a general audience who enjoy the melodies, as well as that more difficult audience: other musicians.

Since their music defies easy characterization, the behemoth of terrestrial radio in big markets like LA has not embraced them – but they seem to have worked well without it. Word of mouth has been crucial and delightfully kind. As a result, it is the smaller radio markets, college radio, satellite, internet, where the burgeoning support for the band has grown exponentially.

The Concerts in the Park series offers free concerts to the public in Downtown City Park on Thursday evenings through the summer season. Bring your blankets, lawn chairs and picnic baskets for this staple summer occasion. Enjoy the sounds of country, blues, rock, and other genres from local bands. Wine available for purchase onsite from J. Lohr.