State Cannabis Regulations Now in Effect

On the state cannabis front, all three agencies licensing cannabis (Public Health, Consumer Affairs-Bureau of Cannabis Control, and Department of Food & Agriculture) have had their emergency regulations (first adopted in December 2017 and re-adopted in June 2018) finalized into permanent regulations.

Each licensing authority’s final regulations and rulemaking documents have been posted to the California Cannabis Portal and can be viewed by at the following link: Make sure that you are following the permanent regulations, as the emergency regulations are no longer in effect.

While this was a huge effort on the part of the three agencies, this was also a big effort by the reviewing agency, the Office of Administrative Law, which approved the regulations on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) has released an updated version of its online license search system. One may find information about state-licensed retailers, distributors, testing laboratories, microbusinesses, and temporary cannabis events by using the following link: Under the ‘License Search’ tab, users may search by the license type, number, or name (business or owner), type of business, as well as geographically by city, county, or zip code.

For storefront retailers, the license search system also provides the physical street address of the licensed premises, although no map….yet!

Complaints may also be filed at the same link.