Administrative Law

Underground Regulations

If a state agency issues, enforces, or attempts to enforce a rule without following the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) when it is required to for purposes of formulating that rule, the rule is called an “underground regulation.” State agencies are prohibited from enforcing underground regulations. What is a Regulation? A Read more…

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Employment Law

California Just Expanded Mandated Training

Since 2006, California employers who employ or contract with over 50 individuals to provide it service are mandated to provide regular sexual harassment training to its supervisors.  Assembly Bill 1825 resulted in the creation of Section 12950.1 of the Government Code, which required mandatory sexual harassment training for supervisors within Read more…

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Why are Internet Cafés Getting Shutdown?

Everyday, it appears that local, state, or even federal authorities are engaging in raids and shutting down Internet cafés. Why? Well, there is nothing inherently illegal about a normal Internet café. They are just locations that provide access to the Internet for a fee. They oftentimes sell coffee, soft drinks, and Read more…

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