What Taking Our Core Values Seriously Means To You

As we celebrate our 16th anniversary, Steve Simas is reflecting back on when Simas & Associates was formed. Steve Simas, the leader of the firm, has consistently instilled a core value in all of the work that we do. What is that core value? That we remain guided by the ultimate needs of each client and the impact on their particular business or professional circumstances. It’s so important to us that we actually built our mission statement around that value.
Simas & Associates, Ltd., is dedicated to safeguarding and protecting the rights of clients including whose operations and day-to-day business are heavily regulated by the government. Guided by the ultimate needs of each client and the impact on their particular business, or professional circumstances, we work to achieve ethical, positive, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.
We don’t have a mission statement just to have a mission statement. Our work reflects that mission statement each day and with each client. When clients come to us facing licensing issues, they are facing up to 26 different legal consequences; some of those may be more damaging to a particular client than others. We look at those consequences and find out the priorities for each client.
One case that really exemplifies our commitment to our mission involved a veterinarian client.  This particular client was in his mid-seventies and had worked every day of his life and was facing accusations for negligent treatment of pets. After Steve spent some time at his home, talking with his family, he learned, as his daughter put it, that if this client were not able to go into the clinic each day, he may not survive. Retirement or selling his business was simply not an option. We were able to work with opposing counsel to agree to a 5-year probationary term thus achieving the client’s top goal, as he was still able to go into work every day. We are committed to our clients and their needs and desires, not ours.
This case and cases like it exemplify our core values, and why we love practicing in the administrative and government law area, and quite frankly why Simas & Associates is the firm to hire. If you are facing a licensing issue, take some time to interview an attorney before you hire them. Make sure that you get an individualized approach and have someone on your side that is ready to fight for the best outcome for you and your particular goals. Give us a call today.