Are you thinking of being involved in California’s Cannabis Market?

While the transformation of marijuana to cannabis has come with legalization, the State of California is still working on the details. Anyone may submit a comment to be considered during the formal comment period for regulations, which will go through August 27, 2018 for all three state agencies in charge of licensing: Bureau of Cannabis Control, Public Health, and Food & Agriculture.
In addition, each agency is holding separate public hearings on their respective pieces of the regulatory framework; dates, places, and the documents maybe viewed at their unified cannabis portal:
Each agency has operated under “emergency regulations” since January 1, 2018, but those regulations must be formalized and adopted before they expire.
Importantly, anyone commenting must send the comment to the correct agency before the deadline!



Each agency must respond to every comment (either in writing or made at a public hearing), even anonymous ones, as long as those comments relate their proposed regulations. They do not have to respond to late comments, so don’t wait until the last minute. And they do not have to respond to phone calls, so don’t bother venting to the state employee who answers the phone. Public hearings are free and no pre-registration or registration at the event is needed, although some buildings do have security protocols which must be observed by anyone who visits. You may also sign up to receive notices about regulations, either with an email address or with a name and postal address for paper notification. Check the links above for information on signing up so that you aren’t left out!
Attorneys at Simas & Associates have worked in every area of the regulatory process, from drafting, to submitting comments, to working with or challenging regulations in court later. If you need assistance in navigating the path of regulations, give us a call.