Updates to the Local Rules and Assignments for Sacramento County Superior Court

Updates to the local rules for the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento, went into effect on January 1, 2014.  A “redlined” version of the rules can be found here, noting all changes that went into effect earlier this week.
In addition, new judicial assignments to Civil Cases went into effect.  Effective January 1, 2014 (unless otherwise noted), the following Civil judicial assignments take effect:

 Civil Assignment Department Judge
Civil Presiding Judge Ex Parte- Unlimited Civil Dept 47 Presiding Judge Robert C. Hight
Civil Presiding Judge Law and Motion – Unlimited Civil Dept 47 Presiding Judge Robert C. Hight
Civil Trial Assignment Dept 47 Presiding Judge Robert C. Hight
Limited Civil Pretrial Calendar Dept 13 Assistant Presiding Judge/Supervising Civil Judge, Kevin R. Culhane
Complex Civil Cases Dept 35 Judge Alan G. Perkins
Order of Examination (OX) Dept 45 Judge Judy Holzer Hersher
Fee Waivers Dept 32 Judge Emily E. Vasquez
Firearms Calendar (Effective January 17, 2014) Dept 37 Judge Ben Davidian
Law and Motion Dept 53 Judge David I. Brown
Law and Motion Dept 54 Judge Raymond M. Cadei
Minors Compromise (Effective January 13, 2014) Dept 44 Judge Christopher E. Krueger
Civil Case Management Dept 36 Judge Gerrit W. Wood
Civil Case Management Dept 39 Judge David W. Abbott
Writ of Mandate/CEQA Dept 24 Judge Shelleyanne W. L. Chang
Writ of Mandate/CEQA Dept 29 Judge Timothy M. Frawley
Writ of Mandate/CEQA Dept 31 Judge Michael P. Kenny
Writ of Mandate/CEQA Dept 42 Judge Allen H. Sumner