As you begin to venture the uncharted waters of the business industries of medical cannabis and recreational Cannabis contact a trusted leader in government and administrative law. Contact Simas & Associates, Ltd.

Simas & Associates, Ltd., is one of the leading government and administrative law firms in the State of California. As such, it is perfectly situated to assist individuals and businesses come into compliance with the burgeoning industry of Cannabis. Whether focused on medical cannabis or recreational Cannabis, the attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd. have experience in:


Simas & Associates, Ltd. has a proven track record of fifteen years helping applicants of all stripes obtain and maintain licenses in fields always under the bright lights of government watch. This includes but is not limited to gambling, alcohol, automobile, and state bar defense. The state of California has already sent clear signals of its intent to similarly watch and regulate the burgeoning medical cannabis or recreational Cannabis industries. It's initial hires for the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation were of individuals with extensive experience from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the California Gambling Control Commission.

In addition, our extensive work in Municipal Law and Property Law help us provide the background you need for not only coming into compliance with the requirements of the state of California, but also of local municipalities (i.e. cities and counties) that may have seemingly duplicative or contradictory requirements for establishing your Cannabis dispensary, cannabis delivery business, or for using your agricultural or industrial property for cultivating Cannabis for medical or recreational use.

In a new, dynamic industry like medical cannabis and recreational Cannabis, it is important that you enlist someone with direct experience overcoming the likely obstacles you and your business will face. No one is better suited to be your ally and help you achieve your goals than Simas & Associates, Ltd.

Get ahead. Stay ahead. Contact Simas & Associates, Ltd. today for your free and confidential Cannabis law consultation.


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