Contact a Contract Lawyer Before You Sign!

Need legal advice for drafting and negotiating contracts? The contract lawyers at Simas & Associates, Ltd., can help your business. Contract law is considered one of the most important areas of law, and the attorneys at Simas & Associates, Ltd., understand this. If you are in need of a contract lawyer, or even think you may be in need, read on to see how our skilled lawyers can help you.

Why You Need Contract Lawyers

Contract law is vital because it governs how two or more parties interact with one another. When entering into any relationship, whether business or personal, a contract can prevent many hassles and disputes. The law firm of Simas & Associates, Ltd., helps in:

  • Negotiating
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Amending
  • Enforcing
  • Disputing

From the very first step of drafting a contract to the very last step of your contract needs, our contract lawyers can help.

Helping You and Your Business

We want to make sure that all your business interests are protected, and that all foreseeable harm and liability exposure is avoided. We understand that your business is important to you, and we want to help you protect it.

Ultimately, by drawing a contract, we are trying to help protect your business from any relationship which might result in your business being vulnerable to a lawsuit. This is one of the prime reasons that drafting a contract properly is so important. Our contract lawyers will work hard in the present to avoid potential hardship for your business in the future.

Also, we are attempting to avoid having to litigate a dispute due to confusion, silence, or misinterpretation. Often, these are the key reasons that a dispute forms and a contract prevents this.

The “Top” Rules of Contract Law

Simas & Associates, Ltd., believes and advises our clients on contracts using these fundamental tenets of Contract Law:

  • Understand every aspect of the contract. If you have any questions, or need clarification, you should always ask.
  • Knowledge is key. You should always have a good working knowledge of the other parties to the contract.
  • Have a cost-benefit analysis as one of the terms of the contract and make sure it is conducted.
  • Understand that all terms of a contract can be negotiated prior to signing.
  • Changes must always be made in writing.
  • Oral communications are not sufficient (by either party, prior to signing or during the performance). Everything must be in writing.
  • Do not assume that failure to meet the terms is excused.
  • Good records should be kept throughout the contract. Make sure to maintain the terms of the contract.
  • Communication is key. Keep open communication with all parties that are included in the contract.

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Contracts are a vital part of any protected business. If you are interested in, or want to start, protecting your business today, contact us. When you do, you will receive a free consultation and one of our contract lawyers will help advise you on any concerns you might have.