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Employment laws can be complicated. How should you navigate them? What do they mean, and how do they apply to you? These questions are something that every employer asks of him or herself at one point or another. It’s true, employment laws are tricky. However, our experienced employment lawyers will give you the sound advice you need, and we will help you navigate through the legal system with the experienced employment advice that Simas & Associates, Ltd., offers.
Employment lawyers

Experienced Employment Lawyers

Since 2002, Simas & Associates, Ltd., has been representing businesses and individuals before most local, state, and federal agencies, and has continually offered sound advice and guidance. Simas & Associates, Ltd.’s expertise is varied, and we cover many areas of law. We have a long history and dedicated employment attorneys who won’t rest until we’ve provided our clients with solid legal advice, a strong advocate, and the best possible outcome.

Employment Law

Federal, local, and state laws can be hard to navigate. However, our employment law attorneys can provide help in the following areas:

  • Recruitment, advertising, and interviewing
  • Corrective actions dealing with employees
  • Protection of trade secrets, customer/client lists
  • Wage and timekeeping policies and procedures
  • Harassment and discrimination policies
  • Privacy issues
  • Employment termination
  • Leave laws (Federal and the state of California)
  • Disability compliance and regulations
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Employment Status

Training and Participation for Employers

Simas & Associates, Ltd., also provides preventative training and active participation as Counsel-of-Record for California employers in the following areas:

  • Creating and maintaining employee handbooks and up-to-date policies and procedures for all employees.
  • Auditing of document control, traffic, and confidentiality practices.
  • Negotiating, drafting, and revising important contracts for employment and termination.
  • Timely and unbiased investigations, which are required by California and Federal law when an employer is faced with complaints or charges.
  • Third-party investigations that look into claims of employee misconduct (including but not limited to: workplace violence, theft, policy and procedure violations, or code of conduct violations).
  • Sexual harassment training for staff at every level of your business (executives, managers, employees).
  • Human Resources employee counseling, training, and mentoring.

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