Professional Fiduciaries

The Professional Fiduciaries Bureau (“PFB”) is a relatively new entity within the Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”). It oversees non-family-member fiduciaries, such as conservators, guardians, trustees, and agents. These professional fiduciaries are governed by the Professional Fiduciaries Act, the California Code of Regulations, and the Code of Ethics.

PFB Licensees and Administrative Law Processes

Although relatively new, licensees within the PFB are subject to the same Administrative Law Process as most other professional licensees. This includes a thorough application process, which can lead to investigations and a hearing over the cause for denial. Similarly, this includes investigations and Accusations concerning license discipline for convictions of crimes substantially-related to the profession.

As a result, Simas & Associates, Ltd., entered this practice area upon its inception. We are proud to represent conservators, guardians, and trustees, and help them navigate through this unique area of law. We took the challenge of translating the unique facts and circumstances each member of this profession can face, and relate it back to our strengths and experience in Administrative Law.

Do You Need a Professional Fiduciaries Attorney?

The PFB’s big areas of concern for its licensees are as follows:

  • Unlicensed activity – often by other professionals, such as accountants and social workers
  • Consumer fraud and abuse
  • Fiduciary false advertising
  • Disclosures in the fiduciary application, the fiduciary renewal process

These problem areas are all very similar to other areas of Professional Licensing Law – areas where Simas & Associates, Ltd., also has years of relevant experience.

If you are in need of legal assistance as a licensed professional fiduciary – or in applying to become one – Simas Associates, Ltd., can provide you competent Advice and Counsel. You can rest assured as you will receive the benefit of having an attorney with perspective – one who has practiced on behalf of hundreds of licensees in a multitude of professions. So call us today for your free and confidential 30-minute consultation.