Veterinary Medicine Law

California Veterinarians and Cannabis Can they recommend it? — Senate Bill 627

Good news for pet owners: you may soon be able to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis products together—legally. Veterinarians “discussing” Cannabis Last year, California became the first state in the U.S. to recognize cannabis in veterinary medicine, providing legal protection to those veterinarians who talk to their clients about Read more…

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Veterinary Medicine Law


As with every new technology, there comes with it a legal minefield which must be understood to avoid offending the regulatory authorities. With the advent and adoption of telehealth and telemedicine, veterinarians from across the state may now see patients, with less overhead, saving the customer money. But is this Read more…

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This just in – Veterinary Medical Board posts physical citations of its licensees even though, by law, a citation is NOT discipline.

In the firm’s 16-year history, we have represented several hundred veterinarians. Most being the unfortunate recipients of a complaint which are all investigated and fully vetted by the Veterinary Medical Board (“Board”). Although we have a pretty stellar track record of convincing the Board to close its investigation, that, is Read more…

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No Such Thing as an Unregistered Veterinary Technician

A couple years ago, we published blog post entitled, “Veterinary Medical Board Taboo: ‘Veterinary Technician.’” ( In that, we discussed Business and Professions Code section 4893.5 which states: No person shall use the title “registered veterinary technician” or “veterinary technician,” or any other words, letters, or symbols, including, but not Read more…

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