Business Law

Importance of Referrals

Research abounds showing that for many businesses, referrals are the most successful method for getting new clients. This is no different for the practice of law. A good referral is awesome: the client fits your practice and already has an incoming positive impression of you and the quality of your Read more…

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Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Risk of Alcohol Abuse after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity is no longer considered just a case of over-eating and lack of self-control. It is acknowledged as a “chronic progressive disease resulting from multiple environmental and genetic factors” by various International and National scientific organizations, including the World Health Organization. The National Institute of Health recommends bariatric surgery as Read more…

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State Bar Defense

Reforming Legal Education

A longtime attorney would probably feel right at home if he/she were to return to law school today. Aside from the proliferation of laptops for notetaking, very little reform or modernization has occurred, despite significant changes in communications, technology and in the legal market. Recently, however, there appears to be Read more…

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