What to Do for a DMV Reexamination Hearing

A California DMV reexamination hearing is an in-person evaluation of your driving ability. The purpose is to determine if you have the physical and mental skills to drive a car safely. A reexamination may also be

  • “lack of skill inquiry”
  • "Phyical and Mental Conditions Hearing" or “P&M hearing”
  • “medical suspension hearing.”

If the DMV informs you that a reexamination/P&M hearing is required, you will need to:

  1. Complete and submit a DMV Driver Medical Evaluation Form (“DME”) with the help of your doctor, and
  2. Attend the in-person reexamination hearing, which will be scheduled for no less than ten (10) days after the notice.

You may also want to do the following before the reexamination hearing:

  1. Obtain a complete copy of your driving record.
  2. Arrange for your Doctor or medical specialist to be present for the hearing or submit a detailed letter of support.
  3. Complete a driver’s safety course and obtain a certification of completion.

The reexamination will take place at a local California DMV driver safety office and will be conducted by a DMV hearing officer.  During your reexamination, the hearing officer will evaluate your driving skills. To do this, s/he may:

  • review your DME form,
  • accept testimony from you and/or your physician, and
  • administer a written, vision, and/or driving skills test.

If you do not attend your P&M hearing, the DMV will automatically suspend or revoke your license. The DMV's action will remain in effect until you reschedule and appear for another hearing. You may be represented by a DMV hearing attorney at your P&M hearing. 

A lawyer with experience in administrative or DMV hearings can be enormously valuable in helping you “pass” the reexamination.  Or, in the alternative, establishing an exemplary record for pursuing your matter in court on a writ of mandate.