Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, Steven L. Simas

Are you having an issue with an employment contract, or perhaps your scope of practice as a health care provider? Don’t assume that the courthouse is your next stop. There are many methods outside of litigation for resolving disputes, and most can be categorized,  “Alternative Dispute Resolution,” or ADR. Could ADR be an option to help you avoid the expensive cost and long, stressful timelines involved in civil litigation?

Simas & Associates, Ltd. founder Steven L Simas specializes in administrative, healthcare, government, and employment law—both inside and outside of the courtroom. ADR in these industries can take many forms, such as conflict management, mediation, arbitration (binding or not), and hearing processes. Everyone knows that you need an attorney’s counsel for a trial, but his/her abilities can also help you—or your current attorney—in an ADR situation.

Your needs in resolving an ADR dispute are unique and complex, so you need an intermediary whose practice and experience reflects the nature of the underlying conflict. Mr. Simas has dedicated his career to practicing health care and administration law. He has represented hundreds of health care providers, including physicians and physical therapists, in situations ranging from medical staff hearings to arguing before the California Supreme Court.

Mr. Simas understands the details unique to this industry, including:

  • Regulatory Agencies: Does your professional practice often interact with regulatory agencies? Steve L. Simas brings unique insight into regulatory agencies and processes. He represents the California Physical Therapy Association and the California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association in regulatory issues that include scope of practice, providing healthcare services, and corresponding matters.
  • Expert Witnesses: Physicians and other health care providers are human, and issues in health care can often have subjective elements. One way to credibly argue in these disputes is to provide expert witnesses. Steve L. Simas has great experience sourcing expert witnesses, having served as one himself in the United States District Court regarding chiropractic scope of practice.  

Having served as Deputy Attorney General, Steve L. Simas offers years of real-world experience representing petitioners, respondents, plaintiffs, and defendants. As a hearing officer and mediator, Mr. Simas has experience serving as a neutral and an independent. All of this perspective makes him a sound choice to serve as your arbitrator or mediator.

Don’t go into something as complex as a Medical Staff hearing without the experienced counsel of a competent, neutral factfinder. Protect yourself and your career with our expert knowledge. Simas & Associates, Ltd. serves both Southern and Northern California, with law offices in Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, Santa Monica and San Luis Obispo.