Issue Advocacy

The government is extremely powerful in shaping the behaviors of individuals, businesses, and even entire industries. It can re-write laws and regulations, appoint new oversight, and re-direct funding on a whim. Having a proactive strategy to communicate with the key parties that impact you as a business or organization might be the difference between long-term success or even short-term viability.

Simas & Associates, Ltd., can help you develop a sensible plan to influence critical policy and decision makers for your industry. We have experience working with large organizations, executive agencies, and the legislature at the state and local level. In fact, members of our law firm have worked in the state legislature, and have been called upon to serve as a recognized expert in the intersection of law and policy.

Our Three-Tiered Approach to Issue Advocacy

Simas & Associates, Ltd., takes a multi-faceted approach when pursuing issue advocacy:

  • We identify the common ground between the interests of our clients and the interests of the political body.
  • We attempt to identify the interests of other members of an affected industry, in an attempt to build strategic alliances and manage coalitions.
  • We may work with the local or state media to bring attention to your cause, or to re-frame the message so that your interests are portrayed in a positive light.

Then we work with the political body to shape legislation or regulations, and refocus their fact-finding endeavors. This ensures that our clients' needs are not only heard, but acted upon.

Government Law Experience at Work for You

Thus, think of Simas & Associates, Ltd., when in need of issue advocacy at the local or state government level. Let us use our years of government law experience to keep your business viable and in-tune with the needs of your overseers.

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