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Steven L. Simas, owner and founder of Simas & Associates, Ltd., was recently interviewed for an article on The article touched upon a central theme of Simas & Associates, Ltd – retaining competent counsel and representation when dealing with investigations by professional licensing agencies in the state of California. In particular, this article dealt with investigations by the Medical Board of California, a topic we address on a regular basis with our clients. “Physicians cannot take shortcuts when their livelihoods are on the line. Many of my physician clients were naive in their responses to that first letter from the Medical Board,” said Mr. Simas. “They walked right into a mine field.” “Beware when the Board wants to talk to you, either in person or by phone,” Simas continued. “This meeting might be presented as an informal ‘fireside chat,’ but in reality, everything you say is admissible and might be used against you in ways you can’t anticipate, especially if it’s recorded.” A PDF copy of the interview can be found our law firm’s “In the News” section of the website. Make sure to check it out.