Dealing With Workplace Harassment Issues?

Are you struggling to deal with harassment in your workplace? Are you worried about losing some of your most valuable employees because of a recent incident? It can only take one or two issues for an office environment to go downhill quickly. The company culture that you've spent years building can be completely destroyed in a matter of weeks. If you're facing major job harassment or discrimination problems and a potential lawsuit, start doing your research today. Learn when to contact an employment attorney and how Simas & Associates, Ltd. will use our comprehensive employment experience to help you prevent your problem from turning into a lawsuit.

How Do I Know When to Contact a Lawyer Concerning Workplace Harassment?

Finding yourself up against workplace harassment issues for the first time can overwhelm any business owner or manager. How do you begin to address the issue appropriately? If you have been keeping careful records and taking prompt action to respond to complaints, you've already taken the right steps. However, sometimes companies aren't able to resolve harassment matters by themselves. Continue to document and impartially investigate complaints as they arise while you are seeking legal help. The more information you can present to legal representation if the need arises to do so, the higher the likelihood of a good outcome.

We Have Extensive Experience With State and Federal Employment Laws

Human Resources Departments handle a wide range of tasks from filing paperwork for new employees to collaborating with management and developing long-term company strategies. Sometimes, companies over-rely on their knowledge of and ability to navigate state and federal employment laws. Unfortunately, those companies will likely suffer consequences if they rely on advice and counsel regarding employment law matters from a non-attorney. There are over 475 laws in the state of California alone that pertain to labor spanning everything from wage regulations to wrongful termination to job harassment. We save our clients hours of pouring through page after page of employment laws and provide them with the information that is relevant to their cases so that they can make informed decisions.

We Help You Build Your Harassment Case

Hostile work environment legal action requires proving the following elements:

  • There must be behavior or action that discriminates against a protected group such as race or age;
  • The behavior or communication must be ongoing, lasting for a significant period of time, and of a severe nature that disrupts an employee to the point that it affects his or her work. An occasional random off-putting remark is not deemed grounds for taking legal action.

If these elements exist for a given case, then it's time to take action. We guide our clients through the process of building cases that in order to give them the best chance of prevailing. We kept them informed every step of the way so that there are no surprises.

Running interference between disgruntled employees and wondering whose side to believe about the workplace stories that you keep hearing are not issues that any companies should have to face on their own. Unfortunately even the top businesses in the country can find themselves with harassment in the workplace. Instead of avoiding the issue, start doing your research today. If you decide that you need to contact an employment lawyer, Simas & Associates, Ltd. offers access to ample legal knowledge and experience that will help you fight your case successfully.  Contact us today to learn more.