Find the Employment Discrimination Lawyer You Need

Are you a small business owner who is facing an employment discrimination lawsuit from one of your former or current employees? Have you been the victim of employment discrimination? For example, maybe you were wrongly terminated due to your gender, or you weren't considered for a big promotion because of your age.

Employment discrimination is discrimination in the workplace based on:

    • Age
    • Gender, gender identity, and/or gender expression
    • Mental or physical disability
    • Ethnicity
    • Marital status
    • Sexual orientation
    • Race
    • Religion

If you have been the victim of employment discrimination, or of an unjust discrimination lawsuit, you need experienced legal assistance.

Simas & Associates, Ltd., has extensive experience with both sides of administrative, employment, and business law. We know what a manager or contractor has to do to defend personal conduct, and we also know what knowledge and skills employees have to bring to the table to fight their cases successfully. We provide the knowledge, networking connections, and resources that you need.

We Are Well-Versed in the State and Federal Employment Laws

There are a staggering number of federal, state, and local employment laws. Consequently, it is easy for employees and employers alike to be out of compliance and not even know it.

The Simas & Associates, Ltd., employment discrimination attorneys have nearly 100 years of combined experience working in administrative, health care, and employment sectors, and are familiar with these laws. We provide representation for our clients before federal, state, and local government agencies and prosecute matters in administrative proceedings as well as state and federal courts.

We Have Close Relationships With Public Sector Employees and Licensed Employees

Our employment discrimination attorneys have a well-established reputation as leaders among administrative and professional licensing law offices in the state of California. We work with public sector and licensed employees to fight their employment and labor disputes. This practice includes both private and public sector licensed employees in California's local and state agencies. We have represented dozens of employees and employers in disciplinary appeals, internal investigations, and severance contract negotiations.

We Have Ample Experience With Employment Discrimination Litigation

Have you contacted other employment discrimination lawyers and been frustrated with their lack of experience? At Simas & Associates, Ltd., our expertise does not end at employment law theory. We have represented employers and employees in civil litigation for every employment issue imaginable—from negotiating employment contracts to fair and unbiased investigations to document control and confidentiality auditing to human resources training. We handle workers' compensation, wrongful termination, discrimination, and whistleblower claims as well as litigation pertaining to privacy invasions, wage and hour violations, trade secrets misappropriation, and retaliation.

Whether you are an employee who has suffered from employment discrimination or you run a company that is in need of a reputable employment discrimination attorney to fight a case against an employee, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the legal process. Instead of avoiding the issue and leaving yourself open to the risk of making financial and/or legal mistakes, take action and get the help that you need to secure monetary retribution. Simas & Associates, Ltd. employment discrimination lawyers have taken on every aspect of employment lawsuits, have an overarching knowledge of employment laws, and are well connected in the state of California.

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